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Policy: Health: Physical engagement at cyber warfare ranges and events

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2021-03-19 16:57:13
Cyber Range Policies

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In 2020, we saw how a pandemic can cause great harm. Therefore we have enacted a policy for all of our physical cyber warfare ranges and events held by the National Cyber Warfare Range and its collaborations. The guidelines followed by any hosting institutions must be followed. If the hosting institution has health related guidelines, conflicts are overridden by the hosting institution's guidelines.

Our cyber warfare ranges and events are open to all. We rely on the responsibility of attendees to protect the rest of their fellow cyber warriors. If someone is found to be failing to self-regulate, we reserve the right to refuse access or even ban further participation in our cyber warfare ranges and at our events.

If you are healthy and have not been exposed to any health risk (sickness, biological threats, infectious diseases, radilogical threats, and similar threats to other's health and well being) you are welcome to attend any of our physical cyber warfare ranges or our events.

If you may have been exposed and are not showing any signs of sickness, contamination, or do not have a risk of causing injury to the health and well being of others you are welcome to to visit or attend. We ask that you take steps to protect yourself and other by making use of items such as masks..

If you are sick or have reason to believe you could infect or harm the heath and well being of others, please do not come to our physical cyber warfare ranges or attend any of our events (unless your attendance is virtual).

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These guidelines are very helpful. Just to add some context, many of the professionals in our industry are in critical positions for their institutions. Taking extra efforts to protect yourself and those that attend the ranges goes beyond simple courtesy and concern. Taking these extra steps and precautions, helps our industry professionals reference active threat mitigation, and allows them to continue to participate.
Thank you all.
2021-03-20 21:42:06
Cyber Range Policies

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