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Policy: Free speech: protecting free speech

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2021-03-19 21:06:17
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Many attempt to suppress the free speech of others. Freedom of speech is protected so that people may say things that others do not like. Otherwise, it would not need to be protected.

The National Cyber Warfare Foundation believes strongly in free speech and the protection of those who choose to speak freely. It vigorously fights those who attempt to suppress, inhibit, or prevent the freedom of others t speak freely. As a fundamental of all human beings, laws have been implemented to limit some free speech. Thus, we recognize limitations to speech that would:
  • encourage acts of violence
  • suppress the free speech of others
  • violate federal, state, and local laws
  • encourage  actions that would violate federal, state, and local laws
A a fundamental right of all human beings. Those who attempt to suppress or violate another's free speech will be dealt with harshly.

Reasonable steps include:
  • neutralizing the bad actor
  • involvement of public safety / law enforcement including the formal filing of charges and support for prosecution
  • removal of the bad actor from the location / event
  • bans of the bad actor
  • removal of any / all access by the bad actor to any / all of our systems
Those who have volunteered or are serving in an official capacity at our physical cyber warfare ranges or at our events must:
  • be accountable for preventing violations of the free speech of others
  • provide top-level support of free speech education / initiatives
  • consider all suggestions for achieving a more free environment for ideas and opinions
  • keep informed about principls of free speech
  • regularly review the programs, policies, and guidelines regarding free speech and protections

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