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Policy: Illegal activities, goods, or materials

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2021-04-19 21:44:50
Cyber Range Policies

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We operate cyber warfare ranges and conduct cybersecurity events for the purposes of cybersecurity education, networking, and other cybersecurity related activities. An important part of a focused environment is to reduce or eliminate all potential distractions. Illegal activities can place others at risk, may result in harm to someone physically or their reputation, and may also cause others to remove themselves from our learning environments. Similar consequences can also come from illegal goods and/or materials that may be present at one of our cyber warfare ranges or events.

Our cyber warfare ranges and events are no place for any illegal activities, good, or materials. All individuals involved in illegal activities or who may be in posession/handling illegal goods or materials will be immediately asked to leave.

All individuals engaged in illegal activities or who may be in possession of or handling illegal goods / materials must be removed from our environments. Please follow the Removal of Unwanted Visitors policy.

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Cyber Range Policies

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