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Thank you for a successful 2020

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2020-12-27 14:15:56

Great cybersecurity lead to our success when 2020 was a down year for most

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2020 a
great and successful year. Tech Data Advanced Solutions - security
division grew in spite of the predominantly down year for nearly
everyone. We managed to exceed the targets set for us pre-pandemic. Yes,
you read that right.

The National Cyber Warfare Foundation saw
expansion in a new state, growth across the board in our volunteer base,
and we were delighted to see our educational partner enjoy massive
success and continued growth in spite of national trends.

mutual success was no accident. We have seen that those organizations
that can credibly lead in cybersecurity do much better than the rest of
the marketplace. Cybersecurity has too many people who say they can, but
almost nobody can actually do the work. You have to know something to
be able to teach something. We are seeing the marketplaces reject the
charlatans. A welcome change.

The successes at Tech Data start
with our outstanding cybersecurity talent pool including the new cyber
range launched in November 2019, our cybersecurity leaders, and our
awesome colleagues who have embraced learning and staying on top of
events through our threat intelligence (RECON ISAO). The whole team
contributed to our success and they demonstrated that competence in
cybersecurity wins out over everything. No matter what.

forward to 2021, we see many opportunities to continue our growth. Led
by our partners (customers) utilizing the training and enablement
offered through our Practice Builder and Tech Data Cyber Range. Those
who have embraced our related offerings like RECO ISAO, our Incident
Response exercises, and our other focused training and demonstrations.

look forward to transformational success stories as the coming year
represents a significant opportunity to leap forward. Enjoy the
holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. I cannot wait to get started
in our new year.

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