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The re-opening of AZ02

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2021-06-05 14:45:00
AZ02 - Westside

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I had some new volunteers meet me on May 30. I reinstalled the Range Gateway, DNS, and DHCP servers.

The network needs to be re-worked and the systems (servers, workstations, etc) need to be re-added to our range management system. I am guessing about a 4 hour job, less with more people.

As part of our re-opening. We need to re-activate badges, and likely replace the server room and CWR room keys.

Please reach out to me and tell me your:
  • full name
  • badge number
  • key number
I will get the badges re-activated and make arrangements to get you a new set of keys.

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Are you also in the process of making badges and getting keys for the new volunteers as well, and will we need to send you anything?2021-06-05 14:49:36
If you decide you want to re-key the locks I can take care of that. I can cut keys too
2021-06-05 15:02:02
Yes, that is one of the things we are doing.

Also, TYVM on the keys. I will let you know.
2021-06-05 17:43:15
AZ02 - Westside

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