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Policy: Discrimination: Cyber Warfare Ranges and Events

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2021-03-19 20:51:32
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Many seek to cause divisions among people along discrimination lines. Our organization operates throughout the world. We have volunteers, learners, and collaborators from every walk of life. therefore we have no preference on any areas of discrimination as long as the behaviors and actions are within the law.

The National Cyber Warfare Foundation, it collaborations, and its volunteers do not care about your race, ethnicity, creed, religion, affiliation, economic status, sexual preference, or preferred operating system. As long as what you are doing complies with Federal, State, and local laws... carry on.

If the actions of any individual is discriminatory and known, credible, and plausible the NCWF, its collaborations, and its volunteers must take immediate steps to restore a tolerant environment for our learners and attendees.

Reasonable steps include:
  • involvement of public safety / law enforcement including the formal filing of charges and support for prosecution
  • removal of the bad actor from the location / event
  • bans of the bad actor
  • removal of any / all access by the bad actor to any / all of our systems
Those who have volunteered or are serving in an official capacity at our physical cyber warfare ranges or at our events must:
  • be accountable for preventing ongoing discrimination
  • provide top-level support of training/awareness initiatives
  • consider all suggestions for achieving a safer, healthier environment within the physical cyber warfare ranges or our events
  • keep informed about discrimination and how to detect it
  • regularly review the discrimination related training programs, policies, and guidelines

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