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2020-07-29 11:46:36
Repairing the damages

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As the charlatans of actra evaporate away from all their treachery, there is a growing chorus of entities wanted to re-engage with the CWR.

Personally, I can\'t get back to a neutral frame of mind. I am so angry with al of the entities associated with actra that I must step away from the decision making and let others work out what can be.

Several have been asking \"what do we need to do to make it possible to work together again?\". My answer is: you must right the wrongs BEFORE we can work together again.

This area is listing the entities and the wrongs they have committed against our organization and its volunteers. It lists the entities, what they have done.

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2020-08-30 21:32:46
Repairing the damages

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