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Identity Banks: Islands of user data and fierce protection

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2021-06-29 10:43:40

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In 2016, we introduced the idea of an Identity Bank. We were facing the support of users from around the world and a world full of privacy regulations. We were also experiencing a relentless series of attacks that were seeking access to our user data. WQe decided to build our own solution and call it an Identity Bank.

The Identity Bank concept is that there is an authentication authority that is separate, well defended/protected, and universallly supports every form of authentication our administrators, volunteers, and users might need.

The technology was built to support all forms of authentication our systems needed: Linux, Active Directory, web applications, OAuth, many forms of LDAP, and even building access control systems. We also built it to support very high security environments. We decided to reduce security risk by greatly reducing administrative access to our user data and opt for users managing their own data. We build simple support systems to allow users to administer their own data and even allow for them to use aliases.

When we launched, we were delighted to see the powerful shift in philosophy worked. We began implementing the authentication on our servers, targets, and related applications. We are constantly looking for more ways to have a completely seamless experience for every user we have.

Everything we build is designed to integrate globally and without extra effort. We also ensure that our technologies can also operate independently and as an island. Tis gives us the best of both worlds and the flexibility needed to support all of our endeavors.

We currently have two separate Identity Banks
  • NCWF/CWR Identity Bank - supporting everything we do around the world.
  • Tech Data Identity Bank - supporting our first corporate cyber warfare range as an island.
It is important to note that the separate Identity Banks do not share data. Therefore, if you have registered at one of the Identity Banks, you will not be able to access the resources under other Identity Banks. The exception is any systems that have been specifically modified to support multiple Identity Banks.

NCWF/CWR Identity Bank
Supports the NCWF, azCWR, WICTRA, and gaCWR. This includes all of the NCWF/CWR cyber warfare ranges, except the Tech Data Cyber Range.

Tech Data Identity Bank
Supports the Tech Data Cyber Range. Its systems, targets, and applications.

Systems using a hybrid of the Identity Banks
  • the NCWF/CWR forums
  • Our Information Sharing and Analysis Organization's (ISAO) Threat Intelligence feed configuration tool

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