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Policy: Cyber: Attacks against targets outside the physical cyber warfare ranges

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2021-03-19 19:53:20
Cyber Range Policies

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There are many activities where assets within a physical cyber warfare range or at one of our events may attack a target outside the NCWF ecosystem. This may included:
  • penetration tests for external organizations
  • vulnerability assessments for external organizations
  • inter cyber warfare range activities
  • cyber competitions
In all cases, the external or target entity must have granted explicit permission for such activities. A written agreement using the appropriate NCWF agreement / MOU must be obtained. All defined counter balancing mechanisms must be observed.

All activities involving our volunteers, learners, and collaborations will not attack any other entity without their knowledge and express written consent using the appropriate NCWF agreement. Violation of this policy may result in:
  • immediate removal from the range / event
  • short term, long term, or permanent ban of the individual(s) involved from all cyber warfare ranges / events
  • referral to law enforcement / military or similar enforcement entities for prosecution
Attacks can manifest in many forms. Including, but not limited to;
  • actions that may significantly degrade digital assets / connectivity
  • actions that may harm the reputation / operations due to information known to be false by those taking those actions
  • actions that result in facilitating present or future harm to physical / digital assets through implants / software / hardware

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Cyber Range Policies

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