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New QR code login feature

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2022-06-09 14:50:54
You may have noticed that  QR Code login is now available in our forums.

This feature is available to those who who have the Itatem ( mobile app. The app is not available to everyone yet, but it does offer a very nice security add-on.

The QRcode login mechanism displays a QR code to the user. The user then scans the QR code with their Itatem app. The app then submits the user's login to the server via the user's mobile phone network. This has the effect of logging the user in, but not passing the user's credentials through the local device they are logging in with.

If you are concerned there may be surveillance, key-logging, or other forms of intercept present on the deice or network you are utilizing to access our forums, the QR code login method is the perfect answer.

When the Itatem mobile app becomes generally available. This article will be updated.

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