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Help on the Mr. Robot target

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2021-01-09 01:26:03

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I am in the Mr Robot thing, and I can't enter an email address. It just says not a valid email.

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You do not need to enter your email address. None of our targets will ever require you to give any personal information. That is why we lock it up inside the Identity Bank and allow you to create aliases.

The Mr. Robot target has four major flags. I believe there is a write-up that is linked to the target. That is worth having a look at.
2021-01-09 10:12:33
Hmm ...if there is, it is not linked on the same page you enter from. I was looking for answers to this myself and stumbled across this topic, bit hard to find info given everything\'s a little all over the place :) Where are write-ups usually posted, the forum as well?2021-02-28 00:29:26
They are linked in the target listing on https://home.azcwr.org2021-02-28 17:15:12
Came across the same issue and cannot get passed the email part of this. Any help?
2021-05-12 00:46:42
I will be modifying this target. The email address is not relevant to the flags on this target.2021-05-12 13:21:02

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