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Why people hate google

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2021-08-03 13:10:23
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The screenshot above is real. When I got the email from them letting me know my video had just been age restricted I thought it was a phish. However, it occurred to me it might actually be real as I had heard of this type of stupidity. So I opened another browser and logged into my account. There is was, an educational video with zero questionable content was in fact now age restricted. Needless to say, it brought forward a deeper understanding of why people hate google.

The video is 50 seconds long and simply explains what an intrusion prevention system is. No odd language, nothing malicious, just a simple explanation.

While it is true that there is this tiny cabal of irrelevant charlatans who may have filed a complaint against the video to enhance their malicious and anti-competitive behavior just to have a sophomoric ego boost, anyone who saw the video would see there was literally nothing controversial.

Regardless of how this little video got subjected to scrutiny, it is obvious there is nothing that would warrant an age-restricted (18+) rating. This type of suppression/censorship is exactly what people hate about big tech companies. The fact they could be so obviously wrong and force me and my volunteers to expend time and resources just to get a simple, short, educational video back online for the audience who could most use it. A video covering a critical skillset.

If you have been hearing about google's censorship, it is real. It is not just happening to your ideological "enemies". It is happening to 501c3 registered non-profits.

Here is a link to the now age-restricted video.

Warning the contents of the video have been determined by google to be inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

I hope you made it without being offended.

*** updates ***
Some have noted the video was uploaded in 2009. They just got around to censoring this video (over 12 years later).

LOL, LinkedIn wants in on the censorship action. They say this type of content cannot be promoted/sponsored. Apparently, talking about being censored by big tech is not allowed to be promoted or sponsored on LinkedIn. Below is the screenshot:

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