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2020-10-16 16:10:21
Shooting the breeze / off-topic
I did not want to use the word VOTE in the title due to how most of us are SICK of it.

I just found out that a county supervisor nominated me for Cyber Security Leader of the year. I am humbled and honored. He did it based my mission to teach folks about cyber security and how to protect themselves. I focused on some of our most vulnerable, the elderly. I have held public training for over 1000 citizens. A lot of the nominees are from much bigger communities but would you consider voting for me? No login required, just scroll to and select my PIC about 3/4 down Jerry Keely, and hit the vote button.

@blscott, you have lots of contacts, can you help? Also, If i posted this is the wrong area of the forum, please let me know.

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I have been asking people to support you. It is easy to do so, you are a great cybersecurity leader and someone who is making a real difference,
2020-10-17 13:22:28
Hope I\'m not too late, but it let me vote, so Good Luck, Jerry!
2020-11-02 01:44:22
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