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2020-07-29 11:46:36
Repairing the damages

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It started with their initial touring and leveraging our volunteers in a failed attempt to compete with us and open their own cyber range owned and branded by them.

* Attempted to harm our expansion by opening a west side location where we were about to open. Their opening failed.
* Was behind the skullduggery of the AZLabs fiasco. They were working with actra to literally take over our rooms at AZ Labs and borg our first public location.
* blamed us for their failed takeover of AZLabs, then asked their loyalists to harm us resulting in the theft of millions of dollars worth of our equipment at AZLabs.

They have mostly quieted their mouths and mostly stopped slandering us. However, they always emerge with the actra people trying to do what we are doing.

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Just thought I\'d mention that we had someone from here come through not too long ago - maybe a couple weeks or so - asking a bunch of questions re: how we\'re set up so they might not be completely over their desire for shenanigans. It didn\'t sit right with me *before* I knew about the forums/freetherange, and now... well. I\'m even less sympathetic. 2022-11-12 19:34:09
Repairing the damages

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