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2021-04-03 15:15:33
Cyber Range Policies

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A short tour for new visitors can help them orient to the CWR environment. It can help the to feel more comfortable. It gets them started.

Here is a sample tour script:

Welcome to the Cyber Warfare Range. This range is designated -range id - e.g. AZ02.

My name is - your name -, and I am a  volunteer here at this cyber warfare range.

Our organization started in 2012 and we continue to make significant impacts in the world of cybersecurity.

We have three primary missions:
  • To offer training to anyone with a passion for cybersecurity from our massive concentration of top cybersecurity talent.
  • To help competent cyber warriors obtain employment in cybersecurity.
  • To collaborate with and support the National Cyber Warfare Foundation, a registered 501c3.
Our cyber warfare ranges are operated by volunteers. Like me. Nobody in our organization receives income from our engagement with the NCWF or the CWR. We do this, free of charge, because we are trying to solve a massive problem. We cannot afford to allow trivial matters, like greed, to get in our way. Big problems require innovative solutions.

We are completely privately funded through donations. We are not affiliated with any government and are completely independent. Some of our cyber warfare ranges are collaborating with educational institutions, local governments, or corporations. However, we remain independent.

We have been widely recognized, around the world, as leaders in cybersecurity. We have transformed thousands of lives. Our many successes are enabled by your passion to learn, the generous donations of our volunteer's time, and those who support us financially.

Your journey begins today with your visit here. On behalf of the our global community, i welcome you and look forward to seeing your success in cybersecurity. You supply the passion to learn and we will happily supply the knowledge to make you a competent cyber warrior.

After your speech:

You would then answer any questions the new visitor(s) may have and then direct them to a workstation to get started.

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Cyber Range Policies

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