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Our online range is virtual

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2020-08-06 19:18:23
AZ01 - Online / Cloud Range

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We now support users all over the world.

When we do not have a local range in place, people can still learn and play with us via our AZ01 Online Range.New users will need a NCWF Identity Bank account. They are free, private, and not shared with anyone outside our organization. To create a new NCWF Identity Bank account;
  • visit:
  • select "Create an Account"
  • complete the request data mobile (name, phone number, email, password)
  • submit the form via the "Create Account button"
Your account will be activated very quickly. Visit: for instructions on what steps to take next to grant yourself access to our online ranges.

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Mr. Scott,
                This is Matt Anderson. Aspiring to be a Cyber professional, lots of self learning right now. Just ran into this range today and was really excited, but then heard it had been taken over. I am now confused as to whether it is actually open, to the public. I created the bank info account, but was never able to enter the beginner range that I requested access too. Any advice?
                                                                                                           Thank you sir...

2020-12-22 02:55:15
Ok.. So I finally got there!! Only one of the 4 Beginner Ranges will work?

2020-12-22 03:09:49
To the best of my knowledge, everything is up. However, if something fell down please let me know what seems to be having trouble over in our support area. One of our volunteers will look into it.
2020-12-22 07:27:11
AZ01 - Online / Cloud Range

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