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Ways you can support the Cyber Warfare Range and our non-profit foundation

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2020-07-29 11:48:09
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Reputation and Socially
  • Support us with posts on your social media. You can link to our online presences on social media
  • donate hard drives. We are always in need of hard drives for our servers/workstations. SAS, SCSI, SATA all sizes. We do a DoD level wipe on all donated hard drives. We can supply certifications if needed.
  • donate RAM. All types we always can make improvements to our server/workstation RAM
  • at one of our non-profit cyber warfare ranges
  • help us with Public Relations
  • become one of public speakers
  • support one of our events

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2020 Amazon Prime day will give a greater amount to our foundation if you use the link to their site for supporting non-profits:

Using this non-profit support site does not change the pricing you get from amazon. It simply takes a small percentage of your purchases and donates it to our foundation. Passive support while you purchase the products you need/want.

2020-10-06 15:09:08
Get Started / Orientation

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