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How do I recover my password?

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2022-06-08 15:36:32
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Goto the Itatem Identity Bank:

You will see a login screen

On the bottom of the screen you will see "Forgot Password". Click that link.

Enter your Area Code and Mobile Number in the fields provided and press "Recover My Password"
 You will see the screen change and say:

Now lets go to your mobile phone. You will see a text from Itatem/AZCWR. The text includes a link. Like the one you see below.

NOTE: Please note this link is time limited. you should update your password as soon as possible.

Upon clicking the link you will see the following web page.

Update and confirm your password. Then click on te "Update Password" button.

Your password should have changed.

Now return to the web site you were attempting to access and use your valid user name and password to get in.

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