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Policy: Food Safety: physical cyber warfare ranges and events

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2021-03-19 20:19:17
Cyber Range Policies

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Effective food safety practices that comply with local laws and health department(s) regulations and meet best practice standards minimizing the risk to our volunteers, learners, and attendees. With special focus on vulnerable portions of our population such as minors, senior citizens, and those with health conditions. 


children of scalds and burns from hot drinks
taking all reasonable precautions to reduce potential hazards
ensuring adequate health and hygiene procedures are implemented at the service, including safe practices for handling, preparing, storing and serving food
promoting safe practices in relation to the handling of hot drinks at the service
educating all service users in the prevention of scalds and burns that can result from handling hot drinks
complying with all relevant legislation and standards

Food safety is very important. Those who are susceptible to the effects of foodborne illness need additional care to prevent harm. Foodborne illness (including gastrointestinal illness) can be caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses, chemicals or foreign objects that are present in food. Food provided by a physial cyber warfare range or at an event:
  • must be fit for human consumption
  • must not be adulterated or contaminated
  • must not have deteriorated or perished.
Safe food practices can also assist in reducing the risk of a severe allergic reaction (e.g. anaphylaxis) by preventing cross-contamination of any food given with diagnosed food allergies. All volunteers and collaborators have an obligation to protect against all hazards and harm. All vounteers and collaborators must provide a healthy and safe environment for those involved with preparing, cooking, serving, and offering foods human consumables, and to ensure that other individuals are not endangered when attending in a physical cyber warfare range or at an event. In addition, volunteers, visitors and collaborators are responsible for complying with appropriate legal / health standards and procedures that have been implemented to protect their own health and
safety, and that of others. Food offered will be the rsult of efforts to reduce the incidence of foodborne illness by ensuring that food manufactured, transported, sold, prepared and stored is safe, unadulterated, fit for human consumption and will not cause food poisoning.

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