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How do the finances work at the NCWF CWR?

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2021-02-01 22:07:13
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Today's world is full of "freemium" services. The common understanding is that "If a product is free. You are the product".

No doubt good advice.

However, our foundation is a 501c3 (public benefit) organization. We have no business model. We do not receive finding from the federal government, the military, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, etc. ALL of our funding comes from private donors. Our organization does not pay any salaries.

Where do we get money?
  • Volunteers donate their time to our foundation
  • The bills are paid from any donations we receive, or by one of the founders of the National Cyber Warfare Foundation
  • Some of our cyber warfare ranges are receiving free or limited rent from partnerships with corporations, cities, or educational institutions
  • We periodically receive donations of equipment, services, and use of commercial products
How does the foundation or its cyber ranges make money?
  • Corporate cyber ranges contractually donate some funds to the foundation
  • Memberships to our Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) brings some funding to our organization
  • Voluntary donations to the foundation
We do NOT:
  • Sell any information about our users
  • Facilitate any marketing campaigns from any non-directly affiliated party/organization
  • Provide lists of our users, in whole or in part, to any government or commercial entity
  • Offer any monitoring, data analytics, or other user driven information to any non-affiliated party/organization
  • Pay salaries
  • Pay board members
  • Get paid to place people into jobs
Is my information private?
  • We never sell any information about our users. No exceptions.
  • We terminate relationships with any third party or contract provider we use that compromises our user's data or sells it to others
    • It's why we have our own, home grown, forums now
    • It is why we are severing our relationship with Google Drive
    • Why we do not have commercial email providers/senders
That's it. We really have no business model.

The foundation has been a net monetary loss to its founders. There is no expense or reimbursement ledger. All money and other donations goes to the business, operations, and expenses of the foundation. the ONLY exception: sometimes we reimburse our volunteers for expenses they ncur supporting our foundation and its activities (travel, event fees, etc).

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