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Policy: Fire safety: Physical Cyber Warfare Ranges and Events

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2021-03-19 18:29:08
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Fire safety is essential. Each location presents a different plan of action.

We will proactively reduce opportunities for fires to be initiated (deliberately or accidentally). All of our volunteers will become and remain familiar with fire safety procedures and best practices that are specifically relevant to where they are conducting NCWF or collaboration related activities (ranges/events). All physical cyber warfare ranges and event locations must be fully compliant with local fire code.

Each building / structure will have a publicly posted fire safety / evacuation procedure. All NCWF or collaborating volunteers will learn and sustain the location specific knowledge of location fire safety procedures and plans. They will know all fire safety evacuation routes and be able to clearly communicate them in emergency and non-emergency situations.

Fire alarms when sounded may or may not be an actual emergency. Under all circumstances, each physical location will follow all fire safety evacuation procedures whether the alarm is known or unknown to be accurate. The exception is for scheduled fire alarm testing. When fire alarm testing is known and the event is not intended to test fire safety evacuation procedures scheduled fire alarms may be ignored after an observational assessment has been made to ensure that an actual fire is not happening.

Fire suppression must be present inside all cyber warfare ranges and events. The fire extinguishers must be able to suppress all three forms of fire (A, B, and C) and they must be certified / re-certified as local fire code prescribes. Physical cyber warfare ranges shall encourage specific knowledge among the volunteers on the use of fire suppression technologies and best practices.

Preservation of evacuation routes is essential. Nothing is permitted to inhibit safe and rapid evacuation from our physical cyber warfare ranges or the event locations where NCWF or related events are taking place. This includes objects on the floor, walkway, hallway, and doorways. It also includes obstructions mounted to walls or hanging down from celings.

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