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Up to five (5) slots open for our Tech Data pilot program

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2021-07-29 19:06:54
Job Hunting

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The Tech Data Passage Program is making up to five (5) slots available to the National Cyber Warfare Foundation ecosystem of cyber warfare ranges.

This pilot is for two job types:
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst I - entry level SOC engineers
  • Junior Penetration Tester

Candidates for the program must pass a basic skills exam. Those who do will obtain a slot in the Tech Data Passage Program pilot.
  • There is no cost to those candidates accepted to this program.
  • Candidate's time is compensated with access to free/relevant cybersecurity training that will verifiably qualify the candidate for the job position they are seeking. They also receive complimentary support, coaching, and placement efforts from the Tech data Cyber Range team and the National Cyber Warfare Foundation
  • Candidates will have access to $2000 USD of free training/upskilling carefully curated to fill any skill deficiencies you may have.
  • Candidates will also be submitted to actual cybersecurity job positions with the Tech Data ecosystem of 10's of millions of business' worldwide and corporate entities with a relationship to the National Cyber Warfare Foundation.
  • Candidates will complete a capstone project for their desired job position.
  • Candidates will also be assessed with a real-world environment determining their hands-on skills, including soft skills.
  • Candidates are subject to a review by both Tech Data's Passage Program team and the National Cyber Warfare Foundation before being accepted to this pilot program.
Acceptance to the program doe not guarantee completion and/or job placement.

Candidates are expected to provide feedback on the experience to help the Tech Data team to refine the process, training, and coaching experience.

Availability remains until the five (5) slots have been filled. Candidates who fail to meet minimum requirements or who wash out will be removed from the program and their slot will be re-opened and made available to others interested in helping us develop what will become the largest on-ramp in cybersecurity.

If you are interested: please email [email protected] and indicate you are being refered by the NCWF Forums.

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Job Hunting

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