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Welcome to AZ03 - the Pima range

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2021-04-25 19:58:28
AZ03 - Tucson

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The range at Pima Community College is a unique environment. It is closely aligned with Pima Community College's IT Center of Excellence.

The whole concept of the IT Center of Excellence is to provide a hands on environment whereby students can gain a functional understanding of working in an enterprise IT environment. It provide a practical approach by having students manage the entire Center. This includes management of the Data Center, classroom desktop management, CSOC, security infrastructure and firewalls, and cloud services.

That is great for best practices, but simply learning what industry recommends for proper application is not enough. For the students and the community to learn how to defend, they also need to learn how to attack. The range provides a space, unlike any other, whereby anyone can come and learn how to hack for free. The missions of Pima and the NCWF combine to create a nexus where students and the community can come together to produce capable cyber warriors to help defend this country and correct many of the holes that have developed in defenses across this nation.

So as we start to reopen, if you are in the Tucson area, please feel free to come by when it is open and join us in our efforts, and have fun. 

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AZ03 - Tucson

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