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Tech Data Cyber Range (AZ05) - getting access to the targets

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2021-03-27 19:35:00

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We operate cyber warfare ranges in multiple states and countries. However, the Tech Data Cyber Range is our first corporate cyber range.

Step 1 - Obtain an Identity Bank account. -
All of our user accounts are held in our Identity Bank. It uses technology from Itatem ( This Identity Bank is just as it sounds. It is a safe place to hold your personal information and keep it from prying eyes. Our Identity bank is a zero administration system. Therefore you are the one who creates, edits, and deletes data for your Identity Bank account. Our support team may be able to help you add some information, to manually reset your password, and may also see what sms / text messages you are sending our systems. The Identity Bank also keeps us in compliance with the ever changing global privacy and data storage laws / regulations. Our identity Bank needs the minimal information requested to support your access to our systems worldwide.

Step 2 - Identify which cyber warfare range you wish to access - sms / text messaging
To tell our systems what targets you want access to, we need you to send the "enroll" command with the range name you wish to access. The basic cyber warfare target ranges are;
  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • advanced
  • jedi
Thus, to enroll in the beginner range targets: send "enroll beginner" (without the quotes) to our main range phone number +1.480.378.0584 (USA phone number)

You will receive a confirmation from our systems indicating that you have been enrolled in the beginner target range.

Note: enrollments will perform two actions.
  1. terminate all other range enrollments you may have at the AZ05 Tech Data Cyber Range
  2. terminate all Access Passes you may have open
Step 3 - Create an Access Pass - sms / text messaging
To obtain an access pass, you need to send us the IP address you will be coming from. many do not know what the outside IP address is. We created a page that shows your your outside IP address, and will also show you the range targets for the range you have created an Access Pass for. That website is:

Your outside IP address will appear in the top left of the web page. It is located directly underneath the "You appear to me as" text.

Send a text message to +1.480.378.0534: access For example if your IP address is: you would send "access" (without the quotes) to +1.480.525.9801

Sending an Access Pass command to our systems will automatically terminate any other Access Passes you may have and make a new one for the IP address you send us. Typically, an Access Pass lasts for 24 hours After that, you will need to create a new Access Pass by repeating this step..

To verify if you have an active Access Pass visit / refresh: If you do not see any targets listed, you should repeat steps 2 and 3.

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