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Policy: Safety: Threats or acts of violence

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2021-03-19 18:18:43
Cyber Range Policies

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Our cyber warfare ranges and events are run by volunteers. We rely on the interest, passions, and motivations of our learners and attendees to continue our mutual successes.

To ensure a safe environment for everyone, we will not tolerate threats or acts of violence.

If a threat or act of violence is known, credible, and plausible the NCWF, its collaborations, and its volunteers must take immediate steps to restore a safe and tranquil environment for our learners and attendees.

Reasonable steps include:
  • neutralizing the bad actor
  • involvement of public safety / law enforcement including the formal filing of charges and support for prosecution
  • removal of the bad actor from the location / event
  • bans of the bad actor
  • removal of any / all access by the bad actor to any / all of our systems
Those who have volunteered or are serving in an official capacity at our physical cyber warfare ranges or at our events must:
  • be accountable for preventing violent threat/actions as incidents, injuries and illnesses
  • provide top-level support of safety program initiatives
  • consider all suggestions for achieving a safer, healthier environment
  • keep informed about safety and health hazards
  • regularly review the safety and health programs, policies, and guidelines

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Cyber Range Policies

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