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2020-07-29 11:43:03
Get Started / Orientation

These "forums" are where our community meets, communicates, and shares.

Everyone is welcome. Please stay focused on cybersecurity. Hackers usually are not big fans of rules, but we still have some. Please take the time to read our "code of conduct".

To our previous forum users: This is our new forums. It is a different technology, a different format, and has so many more possibilities. The primary difference is that it uses our "identity Bank" ( This will give our organization many great things. One of them being compliance with nationwide and international laws.

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Inactive users on these forums will be automatically removed. Their account with our Identity Bank is separate and different. Even though these forums use our Identity Bank for accounts. These forums create a small user record that matches our Identity Bank when you first login.2020-07-29 11:43:03
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