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In person visits to a Cyber Warfare Range

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2021-04-13 13:35:03
Get Started / Orientation

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All of our cyber warfare ranges work together seamlessly.  Starting with your Identity Bank account, you will be able to walk into any facility and access targets, training, etc. When you visit one of our facilities our Identity Bank system will help the local technologies to know what your target range level is, configures local networking for your devices, and will automatically sign you in/out of the local cyber warfare range visitor log.

First time visitors
We are happy you are visiting us! Here are your next steps;
  • Introduce yourself to one of our range volunteers - you should be able to pick one of them out. Say "Hi" and that your a new visitor.
  • Get the tour - Our range volunteer will give you a brief tour of the cyber warfare range you have visited and answer any questions you may have.
  • Create an Identity Bank account - if you have not created one, make a confidential Identity Bank account. Your account information is completely confidential and your data is not seen by humans unless you require technical support from one of our awesome volunteers.

Returning visitors

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Get Started / Orientation

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