AZ03 Tucson - Equipment move January 12th and 13th

  • We need a team of folks who would help us move into AZ03 - Tucson

    If you are staying through to the 13th overnight and you need us to arrange accommodations please let us know that too,

    Please reply here.

  • Id be happy to, though I will need a place to crash if Im to stay overnight.

  • Here's some ideas:

    1. Rent a stakebed truck from Enterprise with a lift gate. This will let us put all of the racks in vertically without killing ourselves trying to put them into a U-Haul. We can then drop the racks off at their destination, and then return the truck right away.

    <edit> $120 per day 0.39 per mile... Think $200 total to run from Westside to someplace and back. You wouldn't want to drive this to Tucson.

    1. We will drive our pickup - and it will pull a trailer... 5x8 trailer is $47 per day... 6x12 is $87 - that should hold 75% of the servers and PC's... Cheaper than a truck.

    2. I think it will only take 3-4 vehicles or one U-Haul for all the servers going down to AZ03. The only reason it took more than one to get out of GCU was trying to haul the racks in the u-haul.

    We still need to decide what to do with the SkillsUSA servers...

    We will probably stay at the Residence Inn Williams on Saturday night because I have Marriot points, they allow dogs, and it's free. I don't want to drive back to Phx after spending a late night with you all building AZ03.

  • Put me down as tentative right now. Sick kiddo at home at current time and I'll know for sure by next Wed. 🙂

  • @blscott we have plans on Saturday but if you need David on Sunday he should be able to go. We had to rearrange everything we were doing this weekend to next due to David doing the needful. 😟

  • @blscott Will not be able to make it to the move, I have been switched to the night shift and am unable to make it 😕

  • Public Relations

    No problem. We will miss you. @dhudson

  • @blscott I can be flexible on that weekend. I'm scheduling to sell off my truck and trailer sometime soon, but if you don't want to rent, I still have a heavy duty longbed F250 with a hydraulic liftgate that might come in handy. I also still have a 10K lb equipment hauler (about 18ft long) depending on how much equipment there is and whether it needs to be moved in one trip from...I'm assuming Phoenix? I've got quite a few rachet straps handy and a handtruck, but tarps will be needed...I don't have any.

    I would need a weeks notice if trailer is needed so I can replace a couple tires on it - about a half day. I can safely put about 1,500 lbs in the bed, and another 3-4 tons on the trailer.

    Happy to help if needed!

  • @jdez Wow, that would be amazing! Let me buy the tires for your trailer. I will also pay your fuel costs. Happily.

  • @blscott I'll get to work and plan on it...feel free to PM me with logistics or changes if a better solution arises.

  • What an amazing opportunity! Count me in! What time to meet at AZ03?

  • I will be at the AZ03 to help, just need to know when.

  • @TroyAdams Brett and I talked ...

    PHX storage facility meet: 10:00AM
    Wheels roll - around 12:00 plus or minus.
    Arrive AZ03 - around 14:00-1500 depending on traffic, lunch, and other fuckery - like dropping the racks off somewhere.

    Expect a late night Saturday - do we have any restrictions on how late we can stay?

    I will probably grab a Marriott for the night and be there on Sunday to do further build-out. The goal is to have the infrastructure up and talking to the AZCWR gateway and maybe try a MiFi or something to get out to the Internet.

  • @Will, I figure that there's an understanding that we'll have personnel on site potentially at all hours of the day, but in the case we can avoid very comfy silver bracelets and a cushy night stay for our staff, is there someone we should notify that we'll be arriving and unloading on Saturday night?

  • @TroyAdams Yes, we have worked out that you folks will have access to the facility 24/7. We will have a protocol worked out in the future, but for this weekend the campus police are prepped.

  • I have been given permission to park my toy hauler there, The wife does not want anyone to use the master bedroom, but it has 2 full size beds in the back as well as the dining room bench opens out to a bed. It has 2 captains chairs, TV, DVD, bathroom, Shower, heater AC, water, kitchen, fridge, stove, oven, microwave etc. This should help for anyone that needs a crash pad or a quick nap. I have a few sleeping bags and blankets, but you may just want to grab yours if you have one, maybe grab a pillow too

  • @JerryKeely All we need now is a fire pit and a keg...

  • @rlarkins That might slow down the installation a bit😀

  • @rlarkins Uh, not on college property. Please do not go down that road. That would end the party before it even gets started. I understand that is in jest even if desired, but we have to be clear on that issue. Since that is a reputation that others have been trying to hang on the range, frankly, lets keep well within board policy.

    I know you know this, I am just stating this for anyone else that becomes part of the team. Core volunteers, please help to make this crystal clear. You will help me dramatically by doing so.

  • Change me from a tentative to a for sure on Sat. I just won't be able to do Sun as I'll have to head home at the wee hours of the morning for a family gathering. Can someone post or DM me the Phx storage location? Or a spot to meet up? 🙂

  • Also my car has a trunk you can hide a family and get in. So any misc boxes and such can fit if all the other options are full. I can also take two passengers if needed for the drive. They can either ride back with me Sun morning or have a ride back if you choose to stay overnight and in Tuscon 🙂

  • @Will ACK/RST.

  • @rlarkins ACK/FIN
    Sequence number: 2

  • @Will RST

    (Wiindows behaving badly and ignoring the FIN) LOL

  • @rlarkins DUP ACK
    Option SACK

  • Core Volunteers

    @blscott Me and Chase may be able to come ill have to talk to him but if we do go we would probably have to stay over night. Ill update if we can before the 12th

  • I would love to help with building the range. I will be in Tucson around 7:30pm on Saturday and I can stay till Monday morning. If you all are still looking for help, please do let me know.

  • OK, here are some details.

    We will be meeting at UHaul on West Camelback Road.
    Address: 4240 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85019

    We meet at 10a. We will be loading a trailer with equipment and consolidating the remaining equipment into a single storage unit.

    It is expected that we will depart for Tucson by 12p. We will also need to execute a lunch operation in that time window.

    We should be arriving at Pima Community College East Campus by 2:30p.
    Address: 8181 East Irvington Rd., Tucson, AZ 85709

    The AZ03 range is in building 2 (E1, E2, and E3 on their campus map.). Here is a link to their campus map:

    We will unload, rack, and do some basic configuration and setup. It is expected we will complete this work around 6p.

    We will then have some dinner. There is no need for a thousand cars to go to Tucson. If anyone is willing to take other volunteers in their car, please coordinate that here. Josh Harp, Andrew Scott, Preston Callos, and I will be going down to Tucson in one car. I know a few others are looking to ride with someone. If you can arrange transportation please consider ride sharing to the Uhaul and then riding with a person volunteering their vehicle.

    My direct number is 480.463.4628. If you get lost, need help, or other coordination feel free to call me.

  • If needed I have 3 spots in my car for the ride down the Tuscon. Only caveat is I'll be coming back to Phx after the Sat events. So you will either need to coordinate a ride back if you're staying in Tuscon or you can ride back with me.. 🙂

  • Keep a weather eye out... rain is predicted for Saturday afternoon, so any transport of equipment must be in an enclosed space (covered pickup bed, trunk, back seat, closed trailer... etc)

  • I have some tarps if they are needed.

  • Equipment is just about ready - just need destination address and point of contact phone number just in case. I'm targeting an arrival time of 10am or better according to the above schedule. Besides tarps, if anyone has extra ratchet straps you might want to have those handy just in case we run out.

  • Ok...I see the destination details above...thanks.

  • @jdez confirm with @blscott your truck is still needed. Last I heard we would meet you in Tucson for the build out this way you don't have to travel down to Phoenix.

  • Core Volunteers

    @blscott Sadly me and chase cant make it ☹ , If our schedules change then we will be glad to meet up with you guys at the Uhaul and drive our selves up to Tuscon if needed.

  • @josh @jdez -- I didn't realize you were coming up from Tucson. I think we got it with the vehicles we are taking and the fact we are leaving some stuff up here. I would hate to see you haul that beast up here and then all we put on it is a server or two...

  • @rlarkins @josh @blscott No problem.

    If for some reason you think you still need another truck with lift gate, just reply back by around 8am. I should be able to make it up there by 10 am with that amount of lead time.

    Otherwise, I'll head over to A03 in the early afternoon. Have a good trip.

  • just checking interest, is anyone interested in crashing in the RV? Don't want to haul it and set up if no one will use it. But if it would be helpful, then I'll bring it and set it up

  • @JerryKeely if I didn't have to drive back tonight I'd take you up on the offer. I'm sure others will chime in if they need to crash. Awesome offer regardless. 🙂

  • A great day yesterday. We moved equipment to AZ03 from some of our Phoenix storage.

    Thank you to @jdez, @tails, @M1m1c , @josh , @ccc, @IHaxYou , @lyzzard , @JerryKeely , @TroyAdams. A very special thank you to @jess3 for buying us all dinner. Very sneaky sir, but greatly appreciated.

    I will upload some pictures soon.

  • Yes, it is true... I really wasn't there. The network is a figment of your imagination...

    And the look on @blscott face... priceless.

  • There's a joke out there. Something along the lines of how many hackers does it take to <INSERT RANDOM THING TO DO> 🙂


  • I will be there tonight around 7 until about 8:30-9. My goal is to get the servers on the network and talking.

  • I look buff in these photos

  • @ccc Cuz ur standing next to the STICK man!!! OOPS, had to edit, did not make any sense, probably still doesn't😀

  • @Tails-MS Sweet!!

  • @rlarkins that's the face @blscott makes when you explain simple wireless repeater concepts.

  • @ccc Is buff the new chubby?

  • @Tails-MS it takes one hacker " @blscott " to break shit and three watch him do it.

    EDIT: I believe it was after this moment we had to explain to @blscott why you use: apt-get dist-upgrade

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