Amazing Event Yesterday – Thanks!

  • As Tucson slowly wakes up from it’s perpetual slumber when it comes to reacting to new opportunities, those who weren’t there will probably regret having missed the business event held yesterday at Pima Community College East Campus. I’m hopeful the strategic presence of some local leadership from the City of Tucson will likely expedite that waking up process.

    I can’t wait to see how much of an impact this will have for the Tucson community. The new partnership with PCC makes a ton of sense.

    It was great to finally meet the AZCWR core volunteers who came all the way down from Phoenix to share lots of great stories about why this new range is important to the region.

    Some key takeaways:

    Challenge the educational status quo
    Disruptive technology and partnerships
    Leave the egos at the door (my personal favorite)
    Any motivated person can learn this
    Continual cyber R&D – proven technology
    Practical gray collar job training
    Community service – saving lives
    Proactively defending our country

    I’m so looking forward to the grand opening on January 25th

  • thanks @jdez for being there and your support. Those that did make it had a great chance to see what's coming to Tucson business leaders and hope the word spreads throughout the business community.

  • It is a well documented phenomenon that less than 5% of the people of this world drive everything forward.

    Considering the magnitude of the problems we are solving, we do not have time for fence sitters, casual observers, or anyone else who is not completely serious and willing to do something.

    It was great to meet the true business leaders of Tucson. We look forward to working with them. If you were not there, find someone who was.

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