If you're really, really new to this and don't know where to start... Part 2

  • Full Install, continued

    Okay, so we have a nice new shiny .iso of Kali that has been verified as a clean copy. Next we want to get this copied to a USB so we can install it on our soon-to-be Linux computer.

    I like using a program called Etcher to do this. It's incredibly simple to use. You can use other methods to make a USB bootable, but this is just my preference. Go to etcher.io in your web browser on your current system and download the appropriate version. Install the program. Insert a blank USB (Etcher will overwrite anything on the USB drive!!) and run the program. It should detect the USB drive. Navigate to an select the .iso for Kali that you saved. Start the program. It will format and copy your .iso and verify it. This will only take a few minutes. It will tell you that it has completed, and you can eject the USB drive and remove it from your system. That's it! I like simple.

    Now, the next part can be a little tricky. You need to make sure that your donor computer that you are loading to is set to boot from a USB. Of course, the easy way to check this is to insert the USB with your Kali Linux, and power up the computer. If it boots up with the Kali Linux menu, then you are good to go. If not, you are going to need to change the settings in your BIOS (Basic Input Output System) or UEFI (Universal Extensible Firmware Interface). This is the first thing your computer loads when it starts up that identifies the hardware and goes looking for an operating system.

    If you cannot boot from a USB, that is going to be a bit more involved. You may need to Google "set [my type of computer] to boot from USB" or "change BIOS settings in [my type of computer]" or something similar to get the specifics of your system. There are too many variations to cover in this post. If you run into serious problems figuring this out... ask for help 😃 That's what we're here for.

    Assuming you have gotten the computer to boot from the USB, we can proceed with installing Kali to the computer. The following video gives a quick overview of the installation process. If you are reading this, you likely do not understand disk partitioning. In the part where he reaches partitioning, just select the "Guided partioning" and "use full disk". The Installation will walk you through it; if you don't understand a term, just select the defaults and you should be fine.

    Youtube Video

    Once you have finished the installation, you can exit and restart the computer and you should load right into Kali. It will ask you for the username ( which is "root" ; we will need to change that in a later post. You do not really want to run a system as the root for extended periods) and the password you created during installation. Congratulations! You now have a Kali system 😃

    Next step is to go to the range page at www.azcwr.org, click the Resources tab, and the Learning resources tab. From there start with Linux Journey. It will start teaching you how to use your new Linux system. The range suggests a minimum that you will need to get going, but I strongly suggest that you go through the entire Linux Journey tutorials. It will give you an understanding that will help you going forward.

    In the next part, we will cover setting up a Kali VM, instead of a full system install.

  • So I am REALLY, REALLY new to this. The range is not yet open in Tucson, where can we go for help on setting up remotely? I am completely stuck with the install and getting my computer ready. Is there someone local who can help out?

  • @arizonamart Might be tough to get someone to meet with you in person. Many are also in the midst of getting the Tucson range set up for grand opening.

    I might suggest describing at what stage you got stuck, and how you are installing (since you are replying to this thread I'm assuming Kali Linux?) - as a virtual machine, full install over Windows OS, or other? There are multiple ways to skin the cat. Providing the computer/hardware you are hoping to put it on is also helpful information.

  • @arizonamart gonna need more input, haha. Details will certainly help

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