Open IT Positions

  • IT Support Specialist I

    Pay $16-$18
    Working with a great group of people at a Service Desk position

    Your Responsibilities:
    -Resolve Incidents / Tasks
    -Work in Active Directory
    -Speak with users to help resolve problems
    -Work with threat management software to repair warnings on devices
    -Help users with a multiplicity of troubleshooting and remote in or providing a solution to end users
    -Be able to ask questions
    -Have a basic understanding on how to work in a Windows based operating system
    -Be comfortable with basic troubleshooting
    -Not being afraid to Google
    -Provision / Deploy various software
    -Grant access to various systems, folders, and groups

    This job is a great starting position for the IT world and provides an environment of constant learning and working with users to resolve a problem can also strengthen personal troubleshooting skills!

    You will be working with a great group of people and providing a great service to those at the company.

    You will have the chance to see a lot of really neat infrastructure software that can be explored!

    There are currently 3 open positions, but soon to be 4

    Please contact me (DM) if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

    If you are interested I will get you in contact with a recruiter as soon as possible.

  • This is your old job I assume?

  • @TheVillageIdiot Soon to be old job, yes

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