Surveying interest. A domain registration and protection service.

  • Is there interest for us offering domain registration and protection services for our members?

    Services would be comprehensive domain protection. typos, dns, denial of service, etc.

    Either vote this post up, reply, or message me.

    This is just a sample interest test.

  • Granted, I'm a capitalist pig, but it seems to me that as a non- profit, there are any number of services that could be offered by the range that could benefit members or even the community at large that could have the added benefit of helping fund the range, but I have no idea what restrictions there are in that regard. (Unfortunately, that's why you have lawyers =P ) Domain services are good for those with their own sites... I would also throw out there that partnering with a trusted VPN service under a profit share would be nice, or things along that line that a) people use anyway, b) has residuals, c) is hard to know who to trust without the benefit of professionals (you guys, heh) and d) could be touted as a perk of membership.

    Just a thought, and just one example.

  • Something like this would be inexpensive to implement and adds value to our portfolio to attract new members.

  • Seems like it could be mutiple opportunities to offer a service while teaching mutiple security concepts with hands on real world applications. 🙂

  • I like the ideas of offering both VPN service to residents (and teaching them why and how), as well as the domain protection service. I think I mentioned in another post that an Arizona political candidate was a typo squatting victim. The site was used to serve malware. It would’ve been nice to be able to suggest (I can’t officially recommend), AZCWR’s services. Hmmm, I could always point him to AZCWR as a place to learn about typo squatting...

  • ^^this. I'd swap vpn services in a heartbeat with what I have now. 🙂

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