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  • Now that you are a new user, you need to pick what you want to connect with.

    Posts here are placed into a hierarchy. This separates posts into logical containers while still allowing cross visibility. There is a lot going on here. Most of it you do not see because the majority of what goes on here is access controlled. Please do not obsess on what you may be missing. You will get into access controlled areas with time and usually automatically.

    Under "Cyber Warfare Ranges" you will see;

    • support - this is for technical support for our ranges, this forum, and similar data systems.
    • Countries where we operate ranges - each country has quite a few sub categories
      ** News and Announcements - self explanatory but they are typically public in nature applicable to everyone.
      ** Education - where education and news are concentrated into logical containers. This allows you to see a concentration of relevant materials in one place. This is intended to keep you informed on industry news and our activities relating to them.
      ** Shooting the Breeze - humor mostly
      ** Archive - where we place old stuff
      ** members Only - special resources available to our memberships participants.
      ** Privacy - centers on privacy issues for the general public
    • States that we operate ranges in
      ** each range has their own state and identification number range
      *** Range specific news
      *** Job Postings
      *** Events to be held at our ranges which includes sub sections for non-public visits etc.
      *** Projects - specific projects taking place at a range

    Under "New users Start here";
    You will see references and guides on how to use this forum and its areas.

    Under these areas there are things that are access controlled to a limited user base. This includes;

    • PR related forums and resources for volunteers on our PR team
    • National Cyber Warfare Foundation areas for range operators, board members, and other special relationships.
    • For our designated volunteers there are special areas for each range for them to communicate, coordinate, and share information with one another.
    • For our competition teams we have special areas for them to work together.

    There are also areas for other entities we are operating or affiliated with. Each has its own access controls.

    If you were looking for the "hidden areas" of this forum, you are likely refering to our Members Only areas. Here is a link to our membership subscriptions: https://www.azcwr.org/about/memberships/

  • Just updated to give people a guide.

  • Hello.

    Thank you for laying out how the forums are setup. This makes it a lot easier navigating around and knowing what to expect and how it all works.

    I paid for a membership and I am not seeing any member area available to view. Any chance you could point me how to get to the members area?

  • @ThOraKs You might try logging out and then back in again.

  • @blscott There was something that @josh did to correct the issue. I can access the members area now. Appreciate the follow up.

  • @blscott Amazing! Great to see all the progress that has been made in the last year.

    My favorite advancement is the butthurt form. 😄

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