I want to be more active with the CWR: what should I do?

  • Let me start by saying awesome, and thank you! We urgently need capable cyber warriors. Your interest will get you to competency more quickly. This is good for us all.

    Here are the things you could be doing to engage with The Cyber Warfare Range;

    Things everyone can / should do regardless of skill level

    1. Be an ambassador of The Cyber Warfare Range. Help others discover the CWR. Tell them about your experiences. Help us find the others out there with a passion for cybersecurity.
    2. Socialize the CWR, Being an ambassador is accelerated using social media. Please feel free to promote, recommend, share the CWR with your circles. Hashtags might be #AZCWR, #NCWF (our foundation). Links might be: https://azcwr.org, https://forums.azcwr.org, https://cwracademy.org, http://cyberwarrior.me
    3. Wear our gear. We have t-shirts and other swag available for purchase. When you carry our gear, it is a wandering advertisement of our organization and your involvement in it. Every little bit helps.


    1. Start with engagement here in these forums. Read up, stay on top of industry news and events, and explore the various topics of cybersecurity.
    2. Ask questions. When you have a question do not hide it from others. Nobody here cares about the quality of your questions. Nobody here needs to be impressed. What is impressive is your competence in cybersecurity, nothing else. So ask questions and get better at cybersecurity.
    3. Request a remote access account: https://www.azcwr.org/remote/request-account/ This allows you to learn with our real cyber targets 24x7. Follow the guides on the targets in your range.
    4. Make sure you have an account here in our forum. https://forums.azcwr.org/register
    5. Attend our training sessions, boot camps, and conferences. Engagements in learning and network are always good for your career.
    6. Visit one of our public ranges. This is one of the best ways to accelerate your learning. As an added benefit you are also networking with future / existing leaders in the industry, That is great for your career. Where you can visit one of our public ranges


    1. Contribute content to these forums. You will no doubt be wandering the Internet and discovering new resources, news and events, and other useful material. Share that stuff here. posting guidelines If an article is spammy, consider writing your own post with the useful content here in the forums.
    2. Progress through the ranges. The standard ranges are beginner, intermediate, advanced, and Jedi / real-world. Tackle all the targets and follow all the guides. Not only is it fun, but you are learning more than you think you are.
    3. Start supporting others. There is no initiation ceremony, we have no placement tests, so just enter the dialog and begin to mentor others. Don't worry, if you give out incorrect information gentle help will swoop in.
    4. Become one of our range volunteers. Start by giving tours, mentoring others, and perhaps giving a presentation or two.


    1. Complete your journey through our standard ranges. Once you have done that, there is still plenty more for you to explore. 😉
    2. Use your new skills to help others. There are many things that need to be done, improved, or changed. This includes making/testing new targets. system administration, training, and events, presentations,
    3. Be a core volunteer. The advanced designation means we have become more familiar with you and have greater trust in you. Core volunteers typically are badge holders and therefore can hold their own range hours. They are also empowered to deploy and manage one of the many range services that keep our systems working properly.
    4. Lead / engage in special projects. Test out new technologies, try out new ideas, etc. Your special project might become part of what we do as an organization. Not only will you be working with others who are active in our community, but you will be getting more real-world/practical knowledge.


    1. Become part of our range fabric. By now we know each other well, you are well versed in how our systems function, how to diagnose and resolve issues. You will likely be asked to take on some more responsibilities. You may start hearing the word "sanctum".
    2. Become a range admin. User administration and account support are available to our most trusted users.
    3. Become a moderator of these forums. Moderators help manage the content available here, they handle any user behavior issues, and they own the structure of these forums.
    4. Be part of the disaster recovery team. You would be part of our disaster recovery/continuity team. This responsibility is essential and will be called upon giving your real-world experience.
    5. Participate in our dignitary visit teams. We regularly have special, non-public tours/engagements, with dignitaries. Participation in these events is limited to our most trusted volunteers.
    6. Lead initiatives. Well before we release functionality/services to everyone else we have small teams lead our initiatives. We need trusted people to lead these initiatives. Be that person.


    Our organization is much more than what is offered to the public. To be part of that or sanctum members must know you well and you must demonstrate the attributes we are looking for. There is so much to learn at The Cyber Warfare Range. we look forward to the achievement of your potential.

  • Hi. I'm having some difficulty accessing the remote range. I've enrolled in the Beginner range, but it seems to be down; I can access the home page which lists all the targets, but when I try to pull up individual IPs none will load. I was able to access the Google Drive folder via the BWAPP IP a few weeks ago. Are the servers just down temporarily?

  • The targets should be active. I will look into it.

  • Hi I am wondering if it possible to register for account to access the online Arizona Cyber Warfare Range if your are not a resident of the US or Mexico (I am a resident of Australia).

  • @unkown_h said in I want to be more active with the AZCWR: what should I do?:

    Hi I am wondering if it possible to register for account to access the online Arizona Cyber Warfare Range if your are not a resident of the US or Mexico (I am a resident of Australia).

    Hello, you can sign up for remote range access here: 🙂

    You will need a valid phone number, your name, and email address. Happy hacking.. 🙂

  • @Tails The form only allows for Mexico or American country codes. Should I ignore this and just put the country code in the area code box?

  • Ahh I see. @blscott any ideas? 🙂

  • @unkown_h We really need to fix that. Yes, please place the country code inside the number box for now.

  • @unkown_h Ok, I fixed it.

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