need: time and expense reporting system

  • As we grow our contracts require us to track travel and expenses.

    There are systems that exist already. We need to find and implement the best one for our needs. This may even require custom programming. We would prefer to use open source solutions whenever possible.

    The travel time should follow a "punch clock" style system that hopefully can be utilized via mobile phone. If not we can make an SMS based system.

    Want to add to your resume? Let me know and I am happy to provide further guidance as needed.

  • @blscott
    Well it's to early for me to start drinking and I probably haven't had enough coffee yet but, this might be able to go well with part of the internship I'm using volunteering at the range for.
    Let me know what all we are looking for etc. and I'll take a look at what kind of options may be available or workable.

  • Our volunteers are asked from time-to-time to travel to other States, etc. Soon there will be international requests. We need the ability to define an event, track our volunteers time to that event. The time tracked falls into different categories. For example, travel time, time on station, etc. Each needs to be tracked separately and billing at different rates for each activity type.

  • @blscott
    and we'd like it to be accessible from a smart phone correct?
    How many users are we expecting?
    cloud or local storage?

  • Hundreds of users. Local preferred, cloud ok.

  • @blscott
    Alright so,
    Time and expense logging
    Accountable to specific job
    Locally hosted
    Accessible by smart phone
    Preferably open source
    Scaleable to thousands of users if needed

    Would we want to rebrand?
    Would we want to be able to sell with our branding?

  • This is internal use only. Therefore no branding is needed. It might be nice but is not needed.

  • @blscott beyond my current coding ability, but may want to look at Smart Receipts. Open source and available on GitHub. One of our people good with coding may be able to use it as a template and tweak it for the purposes you named.

  • @blscott
    After looking at a bunch of titles available, and trust me some of them just have some crazy pricing structures to them.
    ]project-open[ Looks promising, but does seem to have some difficulty loading the all of the modules if you desire them.

    However Time Trex looks like everything we might need and is available as a cloud hosted or locally hosted.
    Local needs PHP, a web server and a database. I'm pretty sure this is something that we would already have but a LAMP stack could be set up easily enough for it.
    Overview on sourceforge.
    Download page for the latest version,

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