Forum Primer

  • In the past, the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range was using Google+ to manage our user community. However, as time progressed and our user community expanded we decided to migrate our community over to our own forums. This has many benefits including increased security and privacy. Like everything we do, we have leveraged an open source solution adding our secret sauce to patch security weaknesses or add functionality. The purpose of this guide is to walk a new user through enrollment and basic usage of the forum.

    Being a Guest

    Like before, with Google+, you can view content that the AZCWR community is talking about without registering for an account. However, this works against you and your involvement in our community. The reason for this is to ultimately limit the ability of content bots to just scrape our forum and create archives. Also this presents and incentive to be involved with the larger community.

    Registration and Account Set-Up

    Step 1

    Click on the following url to be directed to our registration page. By default any email address you use is hidden from the general community unless you make it available for viewing within your profile settings. Later in this guide we will talk about monitoring and receiving updates about forum content. We recommended you use a legitimate email address so that when you create your digest settings you receive the updates on time and in your inbox. If you have a GMail address, would can use the plus tag trick to add a filter tag for our forum. This means any emails coming from our forum will automagically be filtered into that tag after you set it up to do so. Use the following steps to set up this filter tag.

    • Click the settings cog at the top right side of the Gmail screen, and select Settings in the drop-down menu
    • Choose the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab
    • Select Create a new filter. In the To field, type your GMail address plus a tag, eg: [email protected].
    • Click Create filter to return to the previous screen, Check the box next to Apply the label. Choose an existing label or enter a new one in the drop-down menu. Click Create filter.
    • Place a check next to Matches: to ([email protected]) to apply the label you just select to all incoming emails to this address and filter it to the tag you chose or set up.

    Step 2

    Within your profile settings you can opt to input your Real Name, Location, Birthday or Group Titles. Note: none of this information is required. However, we recommend that if you set up a handle or nickname as your username and you operate or manage a range facility; include your Real Name and Range Location so that visitors or volunteers of that range facility know who you are. As you are added or request access to groups you will receive Group Titles if the administrators of these groups have set this feature up. Additionally, as you comment and make your own forum posts, more profile personalization features become available. For information regarding these features check the FAQ of this forum.

    • Click on the temporary profile picture at the top right side of the forum screen, and select Edit Profile in the drop-down menu


    Step 3

    This is where you will configure your user experience with our forum. Every setting is personal to your account this includes: Privacy, Notifications & Sounds, Language, etc. Many have already complained about the default skin, I know it sucks, there are other options.

    • Click on the temporary profile picture at the top right side of the forum screen, and select Settings in the drop-down menu


    Forum Interaction


    Your interaction will primarily be under the Support and United States Categories.

    • Support - Have an issue accessing the range or ID10T errors? Post Here.

    • United States - Everything having to do with ranges within the USA, baby!

      • Broken Down Per Topic, State, and Location.
        • more topics become available to you, again, based on your involvement in our community.
      • If there are global branches they might or might not be available for your viewing. Let one of the mods know if you are from overseas.



    Since your last login, this will display topics posted in various categories you have not viewed.


    The most recent topics on our forum.


    The most popular content on our forum.

    • If you like what you are reading give it an up-vote.
    • If you dislike what you are reading give it a down-vote.
      • don't be the prick who down-votes without commenting!


    All the people you can interact with.

    • Trolling and Unsolicited messaging can be escalated to the mods.
    • You will not be warned.


    The different groups available to you.

    • Some of these are invite only, again, it is based on your involvement.
    • If you want to join a group, request, it will be up-to the group admins to decide your fate.


    Where you can search for content within our forum.


    Did you comment on a topic?
    Has somebody responded to your comment?


    Where messages between you and other users occur.

    Posting a Topic

    The life and death of any forum is based on the interaction of it's users. If there is something you read and want to share, a guide you want to write, or just here to shoot the breeze. Find the appropriate category for your topic and make the post! Our forum supports markdown, learn it, like it, post with it.


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