Where to click on “Advanced”?

  • This is a question about a step in the manual pasted below.

    Is it within Burp Suite, Foxy Proxy or somewhere else? So the exception can be added.

    Disclaimer:​ ​While navigating with FoxyProxy enabled you may get messages that you're not on a secure connection, this is true... So click Advanced and then add exception. The reason this appears is simply because Burp Suite strips the “secure certificates” so that you can see packets in plain text. However if you see this on a home network then there could be a problem...

    The bWAPP Guide V3.0, Page 72
    Burp Suite Configuration
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  • @electromechanic When you are doing any sort of web browsing with BurpSuite and FoxyProxy while following the steps in the manual every web request you make will say it's an insecure connection. The message being mentioned in this "disclaimer" will appear within the user's web browser not in BurpSuite or FoxyProxy

  • @dhudson

    Got it...


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