Why you should regsiter for an account here

  • This forum is very large and will continue to be as we grow. Registering a new account enables you to:

    • Get updates via email. Daily or weekly or monthly updates of the happenings here via email - this allows you to more easily stay in touch with what is going on rather than having to login each day

    • See more. This forum system has security and access controls. Only registered users will have the ability to see more than the surface of what unregistered users see.

    • Network with others. The world of cyber security is very small. Getting to know others, and to be known is a very good benefit for your future.

    We respect your privacy and will never share your information outside of our organizations. You will not be snooped on, data mined, or otherwise have your privacy betrayed.

    You really should register for an account right now. OK, Register me now!

  • It is also worth noting that you will never see any of the hidden areas f this forum without an account. This forum is staggering in its actual size. Only a tiny sliver of which is available to non-registered users.

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