• Hello,

    I am looking for recommendations for a single board computer to use with the range targets.

    Which one would you recommend?

    Any pros and cons that you would like to share?

    Where would you recommend purchasing it?

    Thank you for your help,

  • Recommendation:

    There are several good boards on the market right now. None of them are going to give you the performance you want that is cheaper than other alternatives. If you are really set on a single unit the Rock64 should be considered. Most boards stop at 2 GB of on board memory and cannot be expanded. This has 4 GB built in and you will need the extra.


    • Portable
    • Open Source
    • Runs Debian-based OS


    • No or limited hardware upgradability
    • Expensive for a single use item -- Do not use your Range machine/image for work, school, etc...
    • If you decide to run your own internal lab, you will need to purchase additional hardware.
    • Does not include peripherals

    Final Thoughts

    Look into mini computers. There are some really nice ones for around $250. Remember you need keyboard, mouse, and monitor which adds to TCO. Also, you will need to carry the keyboard, mouse, and monitor around if you are mobile.

    Laptops have everything in a nice package, but with a higher price tag.

    No matter what you choose I recommend the following:

    8 cores
    16 GB memory
    240+ GB SSD (Yes, cheap laptops still have HDD)

    There have been times where I was doing my own labs and needed to run two guest on my host.

  • @Lord-Yimman-C

    Thank you.

    This information is very helpful.

    I really appreciate it!

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