The Yimman that would be Lord

  • I spent nearly 15 years doing customer service, but was always interested in computers and technology. Like most people, I thought the secret to success was college. So, across three states I went to college and also changed my degree as many times. In 2014 I was given the best gift I could have received; I was laid off.

    Went back to school where I settled on Linux and Networking. Meet @jess3 who in turn introduced me to the AZCWR in Sept 2015. The Range was 80 miles each way from my home. Went to school full time and was a Chief Parenting Officer to a 2-year old. With drive time and family responsibilities we got 3 hours a week on-site on a good week.

    I had two degrees and a CCNA certification and had drank the koolaid. Believed I knew everything because I had a degree and certification. What else is there? Week after graduation I sat down for my first interview. It took about ten minutes to realize that nothing I learned in school prepared me for employment or an interview. Nobody was impressed with my CCNA.

    Over six months I spent between 70-80 hours at the Range. Three hours a week gave me more knowledge than the last two years of school.

    • I spent several weeks sitting at @rlarkins CISCO lab. Setting up a BGP connection, EIGRP connections, troubleshooting why ping failed A to B, but not B to A
    • Listening to the volunteers around me talk about work and range projects
    • Asking questions when I did not understand something
    • Inviting myself to learn
    • Many hours at home looking up networking and Linux tutorials, articles, etc...
    • Gave tours to visitors

    The AZCWR and it's volunteers gave me a lot more than technical aptitude. The most valuable thing I received was believing in myself and knowing my worth. The confidence to apply and believe I can do a job with no work experience. An ability to negotiate my salary because I knew exactly what I am worth.

    BTW, I nailed the interview for that first job at SonicWALL. I was offered a Senior Analyst position a week out of school. Only my high school graduation was confirmed and they did not care about my CCNA.

    @blscott and I are Scottish Lords and I have been known as Yimman in the digital world since 2001.

  • @blscott @Will

    We are authorized to use the title of Lord, Laird, or Lady of Glencoe. Lord is more majestic and thusly the one I opt to use. I am Irish by blood from both material and paternal.

    Thanks. 🦉

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