FAQ: Can I post security news and resources?

  • Yes, of course. That what this place is for.

    Brett has an automated research system that processes news from hundreds of news sources which he then selects the most relevant information and posts it into the right category.

    However, your input is important too and we should not rely on one person to post all news and resources.

    Here are some simple tips;

    • Do not post spam or commercial content
    • No paywalls, if your information is behind a paywall. Leave it there.
    • Categorize the news / resource into the right category please
    • Add any commentary as a secondary reply to the resource itself please

    Thank you!

  • Was wondering how you were able to find and post so quickly.

  • Caffiene. Lol. Actually I have a program I built. Try to figure out how others can help. I think I may have an answer soon.

  • @Crystal-Chivers I always figured he did the TV hacker gig of typing on 3 keyboards operating six big screens all at once, heh.

  • @JMBradley me too! Or he has a clone to do it for him. Lol!!

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