Beginner range issues

  • The Beginner rang has multiple exercises that are not active. I have completed the bWAPP range and try to access Protostar through the link provided by the range. Unfortunately, the response back states can not locate server.

    Does any one know if there is any other way to access Protostar range?

    Thank you in advance,

  • @blscott @JerryKeely does this have to do with the gateway or is it a target that needs resetting?

    I think Protostar is one of the target images I dropped off on Tuesday, which means you guys should be able to stand up a local one if/as needed.

  • @TheVillageIdiot we have not set it up locally yet. This user is accessing remotely anyway, so am I and I cant cget to them either.

  • @ccc @dhudson can you guys check if the targets needed to be reset/repaired?

  • I tried access bWAPP this morning and the page login page kept timing out. I looked over the config and common issues several times. Has anyone been able to access it recently?

  • I just checked and was able to get into bWAPP through beginner range using number for phoenix range targets didn't try to go through any exercises though. I see you direct messaged me regarding Foxy Proxy and Burpsuite so I'll try to follow there.

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