Jacob Cross needs a range and pizza

  • Anyone have spare bitcoins for pizza? Jacob Cross on IRC needs Bitcoin because I'm homeless. I wanna call Brett if he can give me the mobile. My wallet is 1BvcBmo3SHCffaXxpSqppAk9XK2t2MbGdj

  • I know a lot of programs to assist with your homelessness so if you are interested just let me know. Are you a vet by any chance?

  • I need to buy my ID but I'm 19 and have very little money. I'm looking for a job in Cyber Security so I was trying to go to the range today. I have benefits but no ID for verification. I'm not a vet. @ThOraKs

  • If you haven't already, try calling 211. They might be able to get you connected with local services that can help.

  • @JacobCross we tried to help you a year +2 back, you made your decisions...

  • I love to get back on the ranged on a computer with Linux. My computer is super slow for a Virtual Machine. I figured I could graduate in-range and get a career. @josh

  • Not looking for food or anything. Just a computer to work on and WiFi. I can buy a pass with Christmas money in a a week or two. I'd love to donate my time for OpISIS as well. I have a botnet with a reverse proxy that can harvest data and run browser actions in the background (Syncing the DOM with a windows on the botnet panel.) It's still in progress but it's for Windows and soon OSX

  • @JacobCross like I said kid, you made your decisions...

    Youtube Video

  • https://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/cgi-bin/id/city.cgi?city=phoenix&state=AZ

    We are a Cyber Warfare Range, we do not have the capacity to help you out, we don't have beds for you to sleep on, cash available to help you out, or drug rehab facilities. However, I know Mormon Churches are a good place to sleep and get yourself back on your feet. Bitcoin is probably not the best thing to use, it is associated with drug buying and other illegal activity, What you need is some good ole charity from the State or Religious institutions.


  • @JacobCross

    A bit late to the party but I always got the best blow. Lets break this down:

    1. No facility for you to visit in Phoenix right now.
    2. If your computer is too slow for a VM then use a USB Live
      2a) If you do not want to use USB Live then reimage with Ubuntu and APT all the programs you want.
    3. Your AWS botnet besides likely violating TOS is probably costly. Turn down the botnet and reinvest the funds into personal development.
      3a) If you are using a botnet in the wild we can introduce you to people that may be very interested in providing you room and board.
    4. Nobody is homeless as home is a perception. Houseless is more accurate.

    Serious bits

    1. @josh and @blscott have already answered your call for assistance.
    2. There are a ton of online jobs (craiglist, fiverr, etc...) that can use the skills a person that is legitimate, competent, and trustworthy.
    3. If you desire to turn your life around then we wish you the best of luck. This is not a task that the AZCWR and our partners are able to help you achieve.

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