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CWR 2019: transitioning forward
Many are re-engaging with the CWR and are asking what happened in 2018.

2018 was a painful year. If you want to know that story, it is in this post:

2018 did have glimmers of good.

In September 2018, we were approached by several major corporations. They wanted to step in and support us having noticed the troubles we were having. Our planning began.

The transition

In September 2018, we received a call from an nambla / a c t r a affiliate, WICTRA, who indicated that they had been taken for well over $100,000 and were going to have to shut down as they received nothing in return from nambla / a c t r a. FG told them they were not ready for anything yet. Apparently, you have to pay twice before you are worthy. I asked them to reconsider and begin working with us. The only stipulation is they must not have any affiliation or ties with nambla / a c t r a.

in October 2018, they had severed all ties and begin working with the CWR. Since then they have grown substantially, are running 4 mobile ranges and are in talks to open several permanent ranges. They are working closely with the government of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin National Guard, and several private entities. They have already received national acclaim and have many awesome projects and opportunities ahead of them. We are happy to continue to support them and share their passion for real cybersecurity.

In January 2019, we opened AZ03 in Tucson with Pima Community College. We had been in negotiations for about a year and they were finally ready to go. Since the opening, AZ03 has been a vibrant and active range. There are many great things coming from the awesome partnership there.

In May of 2019, the City of Surprise was eager to open a range with us. We had nearly completed negotiation with the before, but it fell through thanks to FG and nambla / a c t r a treachery. With a new champion, we were able to complete the negotiations quickly and get the doors open. We designated that the re-opening of AZ02. Our official grand opening is scheduled for October/November at the request of the City of Surprise (cooler temperatures).

We will ve opening our first "corporate range" in mid-November. It is designated AZ05 and will be in the Tech data building (warner and the price freeway).


Evil forces attempted to destroy us. They clearly failed. We still grew during their treachery. FG has been removed from his office at the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center. He is being removed from his relationships with the Arizona FBI. It is likely he will be removed from evry position of influence he was given using our success as his tool.

We actually grew and took the opportunity to purge from our midst those sympathetic to Fg's intentions. We are multi-state, we will me multi-national by the end of the year.

We are working with several other states to open ranges with them. We have several other major corporations we will be opening similar "corporate ranges" with. We also are pursuing a number of opportunities for us to assume the management and operation of existing cyber range programs nationally and internationally.

We now have a much more matured and refined operational structure. We have shed the range location recruiting work we were doing in favor of our implementing a proposal process ( We are expanding our Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO). We have moved the membership sales function to our corporate partners * We signed an agreement with a global education content delivery company and there is plenty more news on that front. Supporting that will be the CWR Academy ( people who will continue their work producing relevant and useful cybersecurity content. Everything they produce is donated to us for our use in our ranges.

Our future looks bright, we are better resourced, better operators and the hard lessons we learned are being put to good use.

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Wow. Exciting times ahead.
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With a lot of thought going into what has happened in the past, mixed with thoughts from a challenge I was given about making posts on "How to fix the human"?

I am thinking it is time that we start to make partnerships with a non-government organization (NGO) that may have talked ill about us in the past. If they are coming back to us and looking they have realized the mistake.

Granted we may never get a full apology for what happened but we become the bigger entity by forgiving past sins. This can lead to a greater cooperation between the companies and a greater learning opportunity for all parties involved.

These NGO's reacted to the misinformation they were being told by bad actors. I can't say that was the correct thing for them to do but they are starting to realize the lies they were told.

We have the opportunity to make stronger ties to the community businesses and achieve a position where they look to us for advisement and get to know the people at the ranges for possible employment.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." ~ George Santayana
The only remote possible way I see any of that happening Jack is for whoever those beings are, not all of them for various reasons Brett rightfully has, is to break out the wallet and go thru the Corp range partners. And be prepared to pay $$$ that way. Can't afford it? Too damn bad.. Smile
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