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Hard drive wiping software
Bonnie and I did some searching for the recommended wiping software with no luck. However many others are available.

DBAN appears more than adequate for the wiping stations. The last sentence is particularly interesting.

From Wikipedia: "DBAN is an open-source project hosted on SourceForge.[2] The program is designed to securely erase a hard disk until its data is permanently removed and no longer recoverable, which is achieved by overwriting the data with pseudorandom numbers generated by Mersenne Twister or ISAAC. The Gutmann method, Quick Erase, DoD Short (3 passes), and DOD 5220.22-M (7 passes) are also included as options to handle data remanence. DBAN can be booted from a CD, DVD, USB flash drive or diskless using a Preboot Execution Environment. It is based on Linux and supports PATA (IDE), SCSI and SATA hard drives. DBAN can be configured to automatically wipe every hard disk that it sees on a system or entire network of systems, making it very useful for unattended data destruction scenarios...."
I've read that Shred is another resource - and is available on Linux.
(2019-07-29, 08:50 PM)stevepoling Wrote: I've read that Shred is another resource - and is available on Linux.

Thanks...didn't know about that linux utility. In our case we may need something a little more robust...didn't see much (yet) about the methods of wiping employed by shred. We need to be able to wipe a number of drives being pulled from donated servers and other.
I see - good luck with that, if I come across something else, I'll let you know
You could use:
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Ive used DBAN on some of my own drives, I like it and it is very easy to use.
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wiper is a bootable cd.

Highly recommended. No less than a 3 pass (DoE) wipe, please.

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