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You can make your user account here be a nickname
These forums use our Identity Bank. The Identity Bank gives us many new capabilities but generally it:
1) Gives us greater compliance with international laws on privacy, safe harbor, etc.
2) Protects our users. When our systems use our Identity Bank, they cannot be cracked for user login data. The user accounts are simply not there to steal. It also allows us to concentrate our security efforts on the Identity Bank itself.
3) Greater privacy by allowing the use of usernames/nicknames.

The third general feature is the subject of this post.

These forums treat your unique user names as "new users" and seperate account holders. This means that you have the ability to be a nickname instead of your real name. The advantage is greater privacy for you.

To use a nickname here:
1) go to our Identity Bank ( and log in.
2) using the menu options at the top click on "user names" You will see a list of nicknames already assigned to your account.
3) add a new nickname by entering it into the form that starts with "Add a new user name"
4) Click the "Add" button

Now that nickname is yours, as long as it is unique to our Identity Bank system and does not use "reserved" account names.

Click the logout button and return here to the forums. Then log in using the new "nickname" you entered and your account password.

Each nickname you log in with is treated as a new and separate account on these forums.

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