National Cyber Warfare Foundation (NCWF) Developers cybersecurity industry news, cyber warfare, collaboration, chat, forums, threat intellignce, known hacking entities, CVEs, ncwf en-us Why You Should Learn Python in 2021? How to Create Google Lens Application in Android? AdInMo Launches Advertising SDK Via Unity Asset Store Best Student Partnership or Campus Ambassador Programs For College Students Modify array by sorting nearest perfect squares of array elements having their digits sorted in decreasing order Program to find the product of a number with a Mersenne Number XOR linked list: Reverse last K nodes of a Linked List Find an element which is coprime with all elements of a given array Find the nearest odd and even perfect squares of odd and even array elements respectively Sum of array elements which are prime factors of a given number Convert a number to a string in JavaScript MTX Interview Experience for Trainee Consultant | On-Campus 2021 Maximize difference between sum of prime and non-prime array elements by left shifting of digits minimum number of times Sum of quotients of division of N by powers of K not exceeding N Arcesium Interview Experience for SDE | Off-Campus (6 Months Experienced) Odessa Interview Experience for Software Intern How to design a modern sidebar menu using HTML and CSS? Program to calculate Height and Depth of a node in a Binary Tree JavaScript Code Execution Generate an N-length sequence from two given arrays whose GCD is K Sort a string without altering the position of vowels Smallest substring occurring only once in a given string Sort an array using Bubble Sort without using loops Maximize count of occurrences of S2 in S1 as a subsequence by concatenating N1 and N2 times respectively Count number of unique ways to paint a N x 3 grid Difference between forEach and for loop in Javascript Flatten JavaScript objects into a single-depth Object System Design – Live Course By GeeksforGeeks Calculate time required to type a word using given single-row keyboard Minimum number of array elements from either ends required to be subtracted from X to reduce X to 0 Google Flutter V2 Adds Web and Desktop Support National Surveillance Camera Rollout Roils Privacy Activists National Surveillance Camera Roll Out Roils Privacy Activists Daily API RoundUp: Brawl Stars, Connexun, ID Analyzer, FBI The Open Security & Safety Alliance announces camera cybersecurity specification and alliance council for app developers What Are the Best Free Cybersecurity Webinars? 10 Best Coding Games to Advance Your Programming Skills Shopify Deprecates Kit Skills API Veracode Named a Leader for AST on IT Central Station Kth element in permutation of first N natural numbers having all even numbers placed before odd numbers in increasing order Number of largest circles that can be inscribed in a rectangle Find a triplet (A, B, C) such that 3*A + 5*B + 7*C is equal to N Count subarrays having exactly K elements occuring at least twice Vulnerability Spotlight: Memory corruption vulnerability in Accusoft ImageGear Modify a given matrix by placing sorted boundary elements in clockwise manner Count the number of unique characters in a string in Python BNY Mellon Interview Experience for Summer Internship (Off-Campus) Minimize insertions required to make ratio of maximum and minimum of all pairs of adjacent array elements at most K ZS Business Technology Solution Associate (BTA) Interview Experience | On-Campus Hiring Paytm Interview Experience (For 2 -3 years Experienced) Count pairs from an array whose quotient of division of larger number by the smaller number does not exceed K Deloitte Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021 Minimize removals to remove another string as a subsequence of a given string Merge transactions in bank sheets in the order of their occurrence such that their sum remains positive How to Get an Interview Opportunity as a Software Developer? Questions about Clubhouse security, privacy just keep adding up YIELD App Adds API for Decentralized Financial Products Perfios Interview Experience for SDE Full Time (On-Campus) TCS Interview Experience (Digital 2020-2021) Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Off-Campus Count numbers from a given range that can be expressed as sum of digits raised to the power of count of digits Square Announces Customers API Webhooks Public Beta Minimize replacements with values up to K to make sum of two given arrays equal Count Arithmetic Progressions having sum N and common difference equal to 1 Minimize insertions to make sum of every pair of consecutive array elements at most K Minimize removal of substring of 0s to remove all occurrences of 0s from a circular Binary String Nearest power of 2 of nearest perfect squares of non-repeating array elements Number of Irreflexive Relations on a Set Maximum sum of K-length subarray consisting of same number of distinct elements as the given array Sum of squares of distances between all pairs from given points Sum of sides of largest and smallest child polygons possible from a given polygon Minimize cost to reach end of an N-length straight path Modify a Binary String by flips such that any pair of indices consisting of 1s are neither co-prime nor divisible by each other Geek-onacci Number Benchmark Corp. brings Hunters leading open XDR platform to Canadian market The Sinking City developer Frogwares accuses former publisher Nacon of hacking & pirating its game - Game Developer Accuses Publisher Of Hacking Game And Uploading It To Steam - GameSpot Square Announces Customer API Webhooks Public Beta Maximize profit that can be earned by selling an item among N buyers Print digits for each array element that does not divide any digit of that element Lexicographically smallest permutation of the array possible by at most one swap Queries to calculate sum of the path from root to a given node in given Binary Tree Count intervals that intersects with a given meeting time Partition array into two subarrays with every element in the right subarray strictly greater than every element in left subarray Modify a string by performing given shift operations Check if a given number N has at least one odd divisor not exceeding N – 1 Minimum substring flips required to convert a Binary String to another Count of subarrays having product as a perfect cube 2021 Top Cybersecurity Leaders - Theresa Grafenstine Sum of numbers formed by consecutive digits present in a given string Railway Station | TCS CodeVita 2020 Modify array by removing characters from their Hexadecimal representations which are present in a given string How to Push Notification in Android using Firebase In-App Messaging? Hadoop Tutorial Count numbers from a range whose cube is a Palindrome Queries to count numbers from a given range which are divisible the sum of their digits Android Projects – From Basic to Advanced Level Modify characters of a string by adding integer values of same-indexed characters from another given string 6 Most Common Bootstrap Mistakes to Avoid in Web Development Roblox Promo Codes List: Free Robux [March 2021] DevSecOps is coming! Don t be afraid of change. 7 APIs for Surveys Top Applications of Blockchain in the Real World Amazon Web Services – Denying Access using IAM policy for EC2 and EBS Instance Daily API RoundUp: GetScrape, QueryBoost, JUSDA, marketaux, Weedmaps Top 5 Exams To Take For Pursing Master’s Program – From India to Abroad! Capgemini India Interview Experience for Senior Analyst Role 2020 (On-Campus) Count ancestors with smaller value for each node of a Binary Tree Developers Can Rest Easy with Google s New Android Sleep API Length of longest subsequence consisting of Non-Deficient Numbers Shiny Glimmering Neon Button Effect using CSS Shortest string possible after removal of all pairs of similar adjacent characters Python program to count Even and Odd numbers in a Dictionary Maximum GCD of all nodes in a connected component of an Undirected Graph Print all repeating digits present in a given number in sorted order Check if an array element is concatenation of two elements from another array Find a triplet (i, j, k) from an array such that i < j < k and arr[i] < arr[j] > arr[k] Appinventiv Interview Experience Deloitte Interview Experience for Business Technology Analyst Oracle Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020-2021 Minimize cost of increments or decrements such that same indexed elements become multiple of each other Minimize steps required to make two values equal by repeated division by any of their prime factor which is less than M Info Edge India Interview Experience for Software Engineer Role 2021 (Off-Campus) Xoriant Interview Experience 2021 Wipro Interview Experience (WASE) 10 All-Time Favorite Programming Books – Must Read in 2021! Number of subarrays consisting only of Pronic Numbers Sum of array elements whose count of set bits are unique Length of longest subsequence whose difference between maximum and minimum ASCII value of characters is exactly one Stream.IO Enhances Its Android and iOS Chat SDKs Bottom Half Hidden Text Revealer on Mouse Over in CSS How to change the navbar color when you scroll in ReactJS ? Tiling Perspective List Grid Hover Animation using CSS Rotating 3D Image Previewer Cube using CSS Count subsequences having odd Bitwise XOR values from an array Number of levels having balanced parentheses in a Binary Tree XOR Linked List: Remove last node of the Linked List Maximum sum not exceeding K possible for any rectangle of a Matrix Sum of all subsets whose sum is a Perfect Number from a given array Reduce sum of any subset of an array to 1 by multiplying all its elements by any value KLA Tencor Interview Experience for Software Engineering (On-Campus) Count occurrences of an element in a matrix of size N * N generated such that each element is equal to product of its indices Google: We're funding developers to work full-time on Linux security Capgemini Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021 VISA Interview Experience | On-Campus (Virtual) Replace all array elements with the nearest power of its previous element Samsung Interview Experience (SRIB) for Internship | On-Campus 2021 Barclays Interview Experience (On-Campus 2020) Efficient method to store a Lower Triangular Matrix using row-major mapping Qualcomm Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2020 Zoho Interview Experience | Off-Campus January 2021 Morgan Stanley Interview Experience (On-Campus) Check if uppercase characters in a string are used correctly or not Paytm Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus 2020) Maximum subarray product modulo M Unsupervised Machine Learning – The Future of Cybersecurity Minimum number of chairs required to ensure that every worker is seated at any instant Minimum removals required such that a string can be rearranged to form a palindrome Probability of distributing given balls into two halves having equal count of distinct colors Number of subarrays having even product How Secrets in Code Lead to Security Breaches Facebook Launches V10.0 of Graph and Marketing APIs Raphael Assaraf Breaks Down Aircall s Strategy for Marketing to Partner Developers Can DevSecOps Covers Holes Made by Digital Transformation? Google Invests in Linux Kernel Developers to Focus on Security Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies to Work For in 2021 Impact Launches API for Toll-Free Telecommunications Services Daily API RoundUp: Alerting Hub, Restfulness, Moderation, SpoofSense Minimum increments by 1 or K required to convert a string into another given string Count pairs of equal elements possible by excluding each array element once Count pairs of nodes having minimum distance between them equal to the difference of their distances from root Python Program to check if two sentences can be made the same by rearranging the words Android Tutorial Python program to sort digits of a number in ascending order Count ways to represent an integer as an exponent Check if the number formed by concatenating all array elements is a Harshad number or not Maximize Modulo Sum possible from an array Minimum removals required to make frequency of all remaining array elements equal Number of co-prime pairs from 1 to N which consists of given two digits From Zero to Zero Trust: Five Tips to Simplify Your Journey OpenAPI Initiative Announces OpenAPI Specification Version 3.1.0 News Release: DHS Announces R&D Awards to Help Secure Mobile Network Infrastructure Sum of frequencies of characters of a string present in another string Reduce all array elements to zero by performing given operations thrice Sum of decimal equivalents of binary node values in each level of a Binary Tree Maximum sum subsequence made up of at most K distant elements including the first and last array elements Maximize difference between odd and even indexed array elements by swapping unequal adjacent bits in their binary representations Area of largest isosceles triangle that can be inscribed in an Ellipse whose vertex coincides with one extremity of the major axis Count pairs from an array with even product of count of distinct prime factors Classify strings from an array using Custom Hash Function Program to find the shortest distance between diagonal and edge skew of a Cube IT Salary Survey 2021: Compensation holds steady despite pandemic Count prime factors of N! Modify a Binary Tree by shifting all nodes to as far right as possible Print indices of pair of array elements required to be removed to split array into 3 equal sum subarrays Length of longest subarray consisting only of 1s Queries to calculate GCD of an array after multiplying first or last K elements by X Modify given array to a non-decreasing array by rotation MAQ Software Interview Experience | On-Campus Placement 2021 Minimize cost of placing tiles of dimensions 2 * 1 over a Matrix Mitacs Globalink Research Internship Experience – Canada 2021 Infosys Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021 (Virtual) MAQ Software Assessment & Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021 Daily API RoundUp: Finch, Persona, Peekalink, AstroAPI BSidesSF 2020 – Yu-Jye Tung’s ‘An Effective Approach To Software Obfuscation’ Length of longest non-decreasing subsequence such that difference between adjacent elements is at most one Kth highest XOR of diagonal elements from a Matrix 10 Best IDEs for C or C++ Developers in 2021 Minimize cost required to make all array elements greater than or equal to zero Count the number of times a Bulb switches its state Vulnerability Spotlight: Accusoft ImageGear vulnerabilities could lead to code execution 10 Top Inventory APIs Free HTML Workshop For Beginners Count array elements having sum of digits equal to K Largest area possible after removal of a series of horizontal & vertical bars How to Become a Chief Technology Officer? Hi Marley Launches Intelligent Insurace Data API Coordinates of the last cell in a Matrix on which performing given operations exits from the Matrix Queries to find index of Kth occurrence of X in diagonal traversal of a Matrix Minimum increments required to make array elements alternately even and odd Demystifying DevSecOps – Everything You Must Know to Get it Right Daily API RoundUp: AnswerGarden, Remote OK, Base64, VocaliD Count M-length substrings occurring exactly K times in a string Most frequent character in a string after replacing all occurrences of X in a Binary String Minimize difference between two sequences obtained by splitting first N powers of 2 Modify string by rearranging vowels in alphabetical order at their respective indices Sort an array according to the increasing frequency of the digit K in the array elements Minimize increments required to make differences between all pairs of array elements even Calculate score of parentheses from a given string Sum of numbers obtained by the count of set and non-set bits in diagonal matrix elements Minimize cost to reach end of an array by two forward jumps or one backward jump in each move Minimize count of divisions by 2 required to make all array elements equal Find all Ramanujan Numbers that can be formed by numbers upto L Router Security Malware authors already taking aim at Apple M1 Macs Minimum number of digits required to be removed to make a number divisible by 4 Maximum value possible by rotating digits of a given number Count N-length Binary Strings consisting of “11” as substring Minimum array elements required to be subtracted from either end to reduce K to 0 Check if Nodes in Top view of a Binary Tree forms a Palindrome Number or not Permutation of a number whose sum with the original number is equal to another given number Check if an area P can be obtained from an area of N * M GitHub Updates its Code Scanning API Top 7 Databases to Learn in 2021 SDK Bug Lets Attackers Spy on User’s Video Calls Across Dating, Healthcare Apps Maximum Prefix Sum possible by merging two given arrays Amazon Interview Experience for SDE Internship (Pool-Campus) Queries to count subarrays consisting of given integer as the last element Top 10 Machine Learning Startups in 2021 Sum of Bitwise AND of the sum of all leaf and non-leaf nodes for each level of a Binary Tree