National Cyber Warfare Foundation (NCWF) Developers cybersecurity industry news, cyber warfare, collaboration, chat, forums, threat intellignce, known hacking entities, CVEs, ncwf en-us Ayrshare Launches API for Automated Social Media Posting What’s Different In GSoC 2021 – Eligibility, Timeline, Stipend 8 Most Important Steps To Follow in System Design Round of Interviews Reference Variable in Java New Information Security Forum research explores human-centered security Study: Certifications Boost Salaries Substantially Construct smallest N-digit number possible by placing digits at positions specified by given array Previous Solved CS Papers Year wise – GATE UGC ISRO Apple s Head of Global Security Facing Bribery Charges Microsoft fixes Kerberos Authentication issues with an out-of-band Update Count subsequences for every array element in which they are the maximum Count clockwise array rotations required to maximize count of array elements present at indices same as their value Previous Solved Papers Year wise – ALL Check if a given string can be converted to another by given possible swaps Find the order of execution of given N processes in Round Robin Scheduling Maximize minimum of array generated by maximums of same indexed elements of two rows of a given Matrix Check if end of a sorted Array can be reached by repeated jumps of one more, one less or same number of indices as previous jump Minimum removal of subsequences of distinct consecutive characters required to empty a given string Importance of Sudo GATE CS 2021 Test Series Check if GCD of all Composite Numbers in an array divisible by K is a Fibonacci Number or not Predict the winner of a card game of removing K cards in each turn such that Bitwise AND of K and size of pile is 0 Cloudera Inc. Interview Experience for Intern+FTE (On-Campus 2020) Jivox Interview Experience for Software Engineer Rakuten Interview Experience for Internship (Off-Campus) Yamaha Motor Solution Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience for SDE Goldman Sachs Interview Experience for Summer Internship | Off-Campus Virtual 2021 Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1 (1 year Experienced) Does Company Culture Matter in a Software Engineer Job? Infytq Interview Experience 2021 Fidelity Investments Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus) Oracle Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021 Twilio Simplifies Access to Call Events Resources Super ASCII String Checker | TCS CodeVita Largest divisor of a number not divisible by another given number Partition array into minimum number of equal length subsets consisting of a single distinct value Print all strings from given array that can be typed using keys from a single row of a QWERTY keyboard Polynomial Division using Linked List Maximize count of rows consisting of equal elements by flipping columns of a Matrix Maximize sum of MEX values of each node in an N-ary Tree Modify matrix by increments such that no pair of adjacent elements are equal Partial derivative of a polynomial using Doubly Linked List Sum of nodes having sum of subtrees of opposite parities Smallest pair of indices with product of subarray co-prime with product of the subarray on the left or right Indistinguishability Obfuscation Malware creates scam online stores on top of hacked WordPress sites Apple-Notarized Malware: What It Is and How It Affects Mac Users Daily API RoundUp: Sonde Health, Paprika, AstroIP, Postnord Climber Interview Experience for Operation Executive | On-Campus 2021 Morgan Stanley Interview Experience for Internship | Off-Campus 2021 Barclays Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Online) Axis Bank Interview Experience for Internship | On-Campus (IIT Kanpur) Amazon Interview Experience for SDE Internship (Off-Campus) System Design of Uber App – Uber System Architecture VMware Interview Experience (On-Campus) Vivriti Capital Interview Experience for SDE | Off-Campus (2 Years Experienced) Infosys Interview Experience for SES 2020 ZopSmart Interview Experience for SDE Postman Launches Postman Public Workspaces to Enable Collaborative API Design How to Apply Elite Intelligence to AWS Security Services Five App Security Predictions for 2021: BOPIS, Flash Sales, Discord, GraphQL and DevSecOps How to use Mozilla's VPN service across mobile and desktop platforms Drupal addressed CVE-2020-13671 Remote Code Execution flaw Fugue s Next-Generation Cloud Security Posture Management Product Now Available in AWS Marketplace Count numbers up to N which contains at least one repeated digit Sum of nodes of Linked List whose contains values with exactly three factors Maximize count of non overlapping substrings which contains all occurrences of its characters Rowing Hack: The Dolly-ed Up Sling - Rowing Stories, Features & Interviews - Cisco Interview Experience for Software Engineer 6-Months Internship Infosys Hackwithinfy Interview Experience for SES 2020 Qualcomm Audio Interview Experience for Software Engineer OYO Rooms Interview Experience for Software Developer (On-Campus) Adobe Shecodes Interview Experience | Adobe Assessment 2020 HackWithInfy Interview Experience 2020 for SES Amazon Interview Experience for 6-Months Intern (On-Campus) Unthinkable Solution Interview Experience (On-Campus) Hashedin Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus 2021) Amazon Interview Experience for 6-Months Internship Wipro Turbo Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus 2021) #ISC2CONGRESS: Post-Incident Reviews As Prevention Until Further Notice: #ISC2Congress Keynote Prescribes Adaptive Recovery and Resilience in Cybersecurity to Deal With Ongoing Pandemic Google Transcoder API Enables Direct to Consumer Media Streaming The harsh reality about your password practices Meet The Atlanta-based Cybersecurity Team Paid To "Hack Like Real Hackers" - Minimum value exceeding X whose count of divisors has different parity with count of divisors of X Longest subarray in which all elements are a factor of K Minimum number of flips required such that the last cell of matrix can be reached from any other cell Print all numbers up to N in words in lexicographical order Count binary strings of length same as given string after removal of substrings “01” and “00” that consists of at least one &# #ISC2Congress: Which Pen-Testing Approach is Right for Your Business? #ISC2Congress: Recruiter: COVID Had a Minimal Impact on the Cybersecurity Job Market Databricks Interview Experience for Summer 2021 Internship Persistent Systems Interview Experience | Campus Accelerator Hiring Model FY 20-21 For SIH Winners Minimize cost to convert all array elements to 0 Paytm Interview Experience for Software Engineer FTE (On-Campus) Goldman Sachs Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus) Paytm Interview Experience for QA Infosys Hackwithinfy Interview Experience for SES CommVault Interview Experience for SDE Internship Indus Valley Partners Interview Experience for FTE (On-Campus 2020) NortonLifeLock (Symantec) Interview Experience for Internship MyHQ Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus 2020) IBM Interview Experience for Internship+FTE (On-Campus 2020) Defining Security Policies to Manage Remote Insider Threats Daily API RoundUp: gazepass, The Connected Fan, Distance Matrix, Boomtown Reduce array to longest sorted array possible by removing either half of given array in each operation Minimum characters required to be removed to make frequency of each character unique Maximize array sum by alternating the signs of adjacent elements What Difficulties are Faced by Self-Taught Programmers? Morgan Stanley Interview Experience for Summer Internship 2021 (Off-Campus) Generate Bitonic Sequence of length N from integers in a given range Cognizant AMCAT Test Experience Construct array with sum of product of same indexed elements in the given array equal to zero Numbers formed by flipping common set bits in two given integers Yamaha Motor Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience for Software Engineer (6 Months Internship+FTE) Unthinkable Solutions Interview Experience(On-Campus 2020) Maximize sum of diagonal of a matrix by rotating all rows or all columns Probability of collision between two trucks Sum of first N natural numbers with alternate signs #ISSE2020: Look to Decentralized (Rather than Legacy) Identity Approvals #ISSE2020: Look to Decentralized Rather than Legacy Identity Approvals Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) for Semiconductor Market Business Development Hacking Strategies by Predominant Players 2020-2026 DuPont, 3M, Solvay, Daiki Top 9 Common Security Log Sources Cerner Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual) Micro Focus Interview Experience for R&D Engineer (On-Campus) Top 10 Natural Language Programming Libraries Ernst & Young Global Delivery Services (EY-GDS) Interview Experience | On-Campus Drive (October 2020) Western Digital Corporation Interview Experience for FTE+Intern (Virtual Hiring) HackWithInfy Interview Experience for SES Role 2020 ARM Interview Experience for Verification Engineer Intern (On-Campus Virtual 2020) Arista Networks Interview Experience for FTE (On-Campus) STEPS FORWARD: Math geniuses strive to make a pivotal advance by obfuscating software code HealthVerity Announces Cloud Platform for Healthcare Data #ISC2CONGRESS Opening Keynote Speaker: Policy and Technology Must Work Together MAQ Software Interview Experience for FTE+Internship (On-Campus) Nokia Interview Experience for Internship Accenture Interview Experience (On-Campus) Amazon AWS Interview Experience for Cloud Support Associate Lexicographically largest string possible consisting of at most K consecutive similar characters Check if given string satisfies the following conditions TCS Interview Experience (On-Campus) Smallest string which not a subsequence of the given string Replace specified matrix elements such that no two adjacent elements are equal Amazon Interview Experience for SDE Intern+PPO (On-Campus) 7 Best Testing Frameworks for Java Developers DevSecOps with Acunetix The Human Factor Count ways to split array into two equal sum subarrays by replacing each array element to 0 once 6 Most Useful Android Studio Plugins 10 Popular Agriculture APIs Daily API RoundUp: Sinch, Scrapfly, GuideStar, JobSearchi, 1NCE Pie Insurance Launches Partner Program API to Streamline Workers' Comp Claims Smallest submatrix required to be removed such that sum of the remaining matrix is divisible by K Why is Immutability so Important in JavaScript? Count array elements whose product of digits is a Composite Number Machine learning tool detects fake news domains Virtual Engagement Activities at #ISC2Congress Building a resilient enterprise with threat intelligence Top 5 Powerful Qualities You Can Learn From Coding PwC Interview Experience (Virtual Hiring 2020) CodeNation Interview Experience OYO Interview Experience for SDE-1 (On-Campus) Shell Interview Experience (On-Campus) Walmart Interview Experience for Summer Internship Infosys Interview Experience for System Engineer Specialist (SES) 2021 Accenture Interview Experience Amdocs Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus) Facebook Introduces V9 of the Graph and Marketing APIs Intel SGX users need CPU microcode patch to block PLATYPUS secrets-leaking attack Zomato Interview Experience Count pairs from a given range whose sum is a Prime Number in that range Number of Longest Increasing Subsequences Minimum number of Appends of X or Y characters from the end to the front required to obtain given string Paytm Interview Experience 2020 How to Become a Front-End Developer? Dell Technologies Interview for Technical Support Engineer | On-Campus Sep 2020 (Virtual) What is Cloudflare? HCL Interview Experience (Off-Campus) Minimum flips to make all 1s in right and 0s in left Sonatype and Fugue Partner to Shift Cloud Security Left and Ensure Continuous Policy Compliance Sectigo Helps DevSecOps Teams Speed Application Deployment Securely with Five More PKI DevOps Integrations MISSIONS The Next Level of Interactive Developer Security Training 14 Important Coding Rules to Learn from Great Developers 7 Best Practices to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile 8 Most Popular Data Science Competitions Count array elements having at least one smaller element on its left and right side Queries to check if count of increasing and decreasing subarrays is same in given range Construct a Matrix such that each cell consists of sum of adjacent elements of respective cells in given Matrix New Reporting Dashboard in Mayhem Gartner 2020 CASB Magic Quadrant CipherCloud s Visionary Performance Daily API RoundUp: Portfolio Optimizer, Empath, brighter AI, DefinedCrowd Virtual Networking Lounges and Engagement Activities at #ISC2Congress Patch Tuesday, November 2020 Edition Microsoft to Require Token-Based Authentication on GitHub and Visual Studio ConnectWise Acquires Perch Security and StratoZen, Two Cybersecurity Firms Focused on MSP Space to Address Needs of SMBs Apple to Deliver ‘Privacy Labels’ for Apps, Revealing Data-Sharing Details Malicious NPM project steals browser info and Discord accounts Latest Version of Unisys Stealth Features New Automation and Visualization Tools to Accelerate Deployment and Simplify Management Associated Press Offered Blockchain Access for Election Count Data Discord.dll: successor to npm fallguys malware went undetected for 5 months Cyberattack on UVM Health Network Impedes Chemotherapy Appointments How IRM is Accelerating Digital Transformation in Insurance Paul Collyer to Join HTB as New Chief Risk Officer Rearrange array elements excluded by given ranges to maximize sum of subarrays starting from the first index Non-negative pairs with sum of Bitwise OR and Bitwise AND equal to N Bitwise OR of sum of all subsequences of an array Count pairs from given array with Bitwise OR equal to K Count N-length strings consisting only of vowels sorted lexicographically Minimize remaining array element by repeatedly replacing pairs by half of one more than their sum Construct MEX array from the given array Minimize increments or decrements required to make sum and product of array elements non-zero Bitwise OR of all unordered pairs from a given array 8 Top APIs for Spelling 7 Privacy Challenges in Cloud Computing Daily API RoundUp: Reacher, Blogcast, openEO, Billby ZoomRx Interview Experience (On-Campus 2020) ZS Associates Interview Experience for BTA Role 2021 American Express Interview Experience for SDE (6-months Internship+FTE) L&T Infotech Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual) Best Way to Become Android Developer A Complete Roadmap HP Inc. Interview Experience for R&D Software Engineer 2020 Top 11 Math APIs Adding two polynomials using Circular Linked List Count N-digit numbers made up of X or Y whose sum of digits is also made up of X or Y Minimum replacements required to obtain a K-periodic palindromic string Length of smallest meeting that can be attended Minimum index to split array into subarrays with co-prime products Check if a given value can be reached from another value in a Circular Queue by K-length jumps Morgan Stanley Interview Experience for 2021 Summer Internship (Off-Campus) Minimum swaps of same indexed elements required to obtain a Majority Element in one of the arrays Persistent Interview Experience (On-Campus) Count pairs with Bitwise XOR greater than both the elements of the pair Daily API RoundUp: Inside Elections, OceanDrivers, Preferral, DaisyBill, Shotzr GitHub denies getting hacked Introduction to the Architect Framework Understanding the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Risks Median of all non-empty subset sums Queries to count occurrences of maximum array element in subarrays starting from given indices Print a 2D Array or Matrix using single loop Count of substrings having the most frequent character in the string as first character Length of longest subsequence consisting of distinct adjacent elements Count prime pairs whose difference is also a Prime Number Check if rows of a Matrix can be rearranged to make Bitwise XOR of first column non-zero Queries to minimize sum added to given ranges in an array to make their Bitwise AND non-zero Minimum distance to visit given K points on X-axis after starting from the origin Minimum subarray reversals required such that sum of all pairs of adjacent elements is odd Maximize the minimum array element by M subarray increments of size S Twilio's Quinton Wall Emphasizes API as a Product Indium Target Market Business Development Hacking Strategies by Predominant Players 2020-2026 Lesker, SAM, Nexteck - Eurowire Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Chloride Market Business Development Hacking Strategies by Predominant Players 2020-2026 Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Gr AC and DC Solar Water Pumps Market Business Development Hacking Strategies by Predominant Players 2020-2026 Solar Power & Pump, Tata Power Solar, ThoughtWorks Interview Experience for Application Developer (2 Years Experienced)