National Cyber Warfare Foundation (NCWF) Education cybersecurity industry news, cyber warfare, collaboration, chat, forums, threat intellignce, known hacking entities, CVEs, ncwf en-us 20 20 hindsight shows that foresight wasn t 20 20 Protecting Virtual Desktops Is Critical for Remote Employees An Introduction to Cipher Suites | Keyfactor The Building Company: Building the future with OpManager Lessons From Teaching Cybersecurity: Week 8 Staggering Cyber Security Statistics Amidst Pandemic Hit Q2 2020 Why IT General Controls Are Important for Compliance and Cybersecurity Email Sandboxes Are Detected and Rendered Useless in New Office 365 Phishing Attack Ransomware Downtime Costs for SMBs Are 50 Times More than the Ransom Itself! WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 deals TikTok fixed security issues that could have led one-click account takeover BrandPost: Fortinet Connects Military Spouses with Meaningful Careers in Tech Famous U.K. Soccer Club Becomes the Next Victim of a Cyber Attack 10 Undergraduate Security Degree Programs to Explore [Scam of the Week] Black Friday & Cyber Monday Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips Top COVID-19 security statistics A Brief Guide On Ensuring Safety During P2P File Sharing How Biometrics Measure Up and Why They Aren t the Cure-All for Cybersecurity Quantum computing: A cheat sheet Four requirements for open source vulnerability management in a DevOps environment Hao Projection: Chinese-Drawn World Map One-Third of Employees Say Their Company Has No Cybersecurity Measures in Place While Working from Home [ModStore Release] New 2021 Versions of 3 Flagship Courses Now Live! Remote Workers Continue to Put Organizations Critically at Risk of Cyberattack Within the margin of error CybExer Tasked With Enhancing Luxembourg s Cyber-Defense Capabilities A Facebook Messenger Bug could have Allowed Hackers to Listen in Partnering on Global Cybercrime: A Group Effort The Role of Access Control in Information Security What is a Data Classification Policy and Why it s Important to Keep it Up to Date Google's Free Services and Phishing Campaigns: A Likely Pair CMMC Challenges 3 SOC Trends Shaping the Future of Security Drupal Core: Behind the Vulnerability Spotting Retail Scams During the Holiday Season China s exclusion from US 5G market likely to continue with Biden administration Apple Silicon + Big Sur + RStudio + R Field Report Twitter Hires World-Class Hacker to Head Security Efforts - GovTech [HEADS UP] Allowing Site Notifications Can be Very Costly WebNavigator Browser Released by Well-Known Search Hijackers Combat Alert Fatigue 3 features of ADManager Plus to improve AD management during remote work The Issue & Impact of Malspam in the U.S. Elections Will You Get Spoofed for the Holidays? Find out for a Chance to WIN! Americold Operations Downed by Cyber-Attack What is the dark web? How to access it and what you'll find Addressing the Impact of the Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap Happy birthday, Security Affairs celebrates its ninth Anniversary today How the Convergence of IT and OT is Driving Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry The U.S. Government s Response to Election-Related Cyber Threats Pentester's Guide to Evaluating OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grants Animal Jam Says Over 46 Million User Accounts were Compromised REvil ransomware explained: A widespread extortion operation KnowBe4 is Named Cybersecurity Company of the Decade Can your security keep pace in a DevOps environment? Lessons from Teaching Cybersecurity: Week 7 The 5 best WordPress security plugins for complete site security Defining data protection standards could be a hot topic in state legislation in 2021 6 security shortcomings that COVID-19 exposed Who Caused 2018 Power Outages in Russia? CISA Chief Chris Krebs expects to be fired by the White House Hacker Offers 8.3 Million Breached 123RF User Records for Sale STEM and cybersecurity training are critical for the future Hitchcock s Decentering Whiteness Fish Tanks: Defense in Depth for COVID19? How Data-Centric Security Enables Cross-Regulatory Compliance A New Flaw Puts Millions of Android Smart TVs at Risk 5 open source intrusion detection systems for SMBs Free tools from Recorded Future that can make you a security intelligence expert Keep Your Site Safe with the OWASP Top 10 List How to cyber security: Gotta go fast but why? Fast-track bulk Microsoft 365 object creation with M365 Manager Plus Three Ways Tracking NIST 800 53 in Spreadsheets is Wasting Your Cybersecurity Team’s Time Open Source and Cloud Security Together at Last DDoS Protection for Workloads in AWS with GWLB & DefensePro VA Advancing Security Leadership with $100M in Additional Funding Nexus Repository Helps Developers Overcome New Docker Hub Rate Limits Symmetric Encryption 101: Definition, How It Works & When It s Used New Election Interference Phishing Scams Infect Victims with Qbot Trojan How to Implement an Insider Threat Management Program Understanding Bot Mitigation Limitations A High-Level View of Today s Cyber Threat Landscape 4 top deception tools and how they ensnare attackers How to take better control of applications running on your network How To Prepare for a CMMC Audit The roles and responsibilities that lead to better software security initiatives BrandPost: The State of Healthcare Cybersecurity During Covid-19 DOD Awards First-Time Bug Hunter Researcher of the Month Britain's Government Will Tackle Online Misinformation Claims on Anti-Vaccine Twitter Hack Only Took 24 Hours from Start to Takeover BEC Incidents Intent on Invoice or Payment Fraud Increase 155% Across All Industries What is Policy Compliance? Four Tips to Help You Succeed Inside Atlassian's zero trust implementation Fake Microsoft Teams Updates to Infect Systems Cyber Security Awareness Month is Over... Now What? Three DevSecOps challenges and how to mitigate them Lessons from Teaching Cybersecurity: Week 6 Using open source for identity projects: 8 considerations From pranks to APTs: How remote access Trojans became a major security threat It s [Almost] Over; Much Damage Has Been Done; But I [We] Have A Call To Unexpected Action The DIVERSE Commitment at Keyfactor | Keyfactor Blackbaud sued after ransomware attack 21 best free security tools 21 best free security tools Agent Tesla: A Day in a Life of IR Checkmarx Solutions Now Available for Purchase on AWS Marketplace Unfortunate Learning Lessons from Clicking on a Suspicious Phishing Email Phishing Links Sent Via Legitimate Google Drive Notifications Building a Security Alliance with Your Cloud Partners Core Frameworks to Streamline Financial Services Cybersecurity Compliance You can be a security intelligence expert, with these free tools from Recorded Future How Safe is Your Vote? Cannabis Company GrowDiaries Suffers Data Breach of 3.4 Million Users Thinking Skeptically About Smishing Toy Company Mattel Becomes Victim of Ransomware Entersekt Appoints Nicolas Huss to Board of Directors Top 5 IT Security Myths Your CISO Believes Are True BUSTED! Lessons from COVID: Futureproofing your IT infrastructure 5 best practices for negotiating SaaS contracts for risk and security How network segmentation mitigates unauthorized access risk 6 Reasons to Increase Your Compliance Budget in 2021 Google s Project Zero Reveals Details of Windows 0day Vulnerability Credible, Imminent Cyber Threat To US Hospitals HHS, DHS, and FBI Warn DoNot threat actors Abuse Google Firebase Cloud Messaging Vastaamo Hack Fallout: Patients Blackmailed by Hackers BrandPost: The Tool to Help Track and Manage Your Cybersecurity Program Manipulation by Disinformation: How Elections are Swayed If you want security, lie to me The Top 10 Things to Know About CMMC Brand-New Tool: Is your organization ready for the new CMMC compliance audit? Find out now! Mitigating Compliance Team Turnover Costs How Does HTTPS Work? [SCAM OF THE WEEK] Sean Connery's Final Wish is Revealed JavaScript Obfuscation on Phishing Pages Continues to Rise by 70% 5 Lessons Learnt from BJJ that Are Applicable to Cybersecurity UWF awarded $6 million grant to lead national cybersecurity workforce development program Why Cyber Risk and Compliance Needs to Be the Foundation for Healthcare Digital Transformation Initiatives KnowBe4 Fresh Content Updates from October: Including New SCIM Integration Support for Azure Active Directory Can good cybersecurity policies improve our quality of life? Lessons from Teaching Cybersecurity: Week 5 October Device Threat Report Is IT security under attack? Become a security intelligence expert, with these free tools from Recorded Future Why WordPress admin notices matter (and how to manage them effectively) To Pay or Not to Pay: It s About the Provider 14 controls for securing SAP systems in the cloud Cybersecurity Awareness Month Weekly Tip: Security Awareness Training Here's Your Guide for Combating the Global Disinformation Pandemic Cloud Security Alliance issues guidance on securing SAP ERP systems in the cloud Protecting the healthcare industry from cyber threats 5 Essential Steps to Improve Cybersecurity Maturity BrandPost: Rapidly and Securely Transitioning 7,000+ Employees to Telework Data Access Requests Under GDPR and CCPA For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month A Better Way to Secure Your Distributed Workforce! Guide to Cloud Network Security Basics Episode 13: Serving up a risk management culture at McDonald's Joint Network Established to Combat E-Commerce Fraud Fortinet Secures the Intelligent Enterprise Running SAP BrandPost: Getting Smart About Campus Security Enso Previews Application Security Posture Management Platform 3 Phenomena Emerging from the Pandemic Nearly Half of the World s Workers Don t Know What a Mobile Phishing Attack Is Windows 10 security: Are you on the right version? How CMMC Measures Up to Other Compliance Frameworks Researchers Discover Most Microsoft 365 Admins Don't Enable Multi-Factor Authentication A Guide for Multi-Cloud SSH Key Management | Keyfactor "Berserk Bear", The Russian Hackers Playing Chekhov s Gun With US Infrastructure Hackers Stole $24 Million from Crypto Service Harvest Finance The Windows Bad Neighbor vulnerability explained and how to protect your network CISM certification guide: Requirements, prerequisites, and cost Myth #4: Real-Time Visibility Is Impossible What Tech Companies Need to Know About the SAFE DATA Act XKCD ‘Curbside’ How NLP is Transforming Cyber Risk and Compliance [INFOGRAPHIC] 20 Ways to Build Your Security Fortress From Anywhere 7 steps to ensure a successful CISO transition Why CISOs must be students of the business Russian Hackers who Target Power Grids and Nuclear Plants Threaten US Elections Five worthy reads: Preparing an incident response plan for the pandemic and beyond Members of the Cybercrime Group Responsible for NotPetya Indicted by U.S. Government Keyfactor Virtual Summit: Day 2 Recap Fortinet Ensures Secure Cloud Migration for European Real Estate Company Winning the battle against blended threats A 5-step process for nearly anything Uptime monitoring: A boon for your business Repo Jacking: Exploiting the Dependency Supply Chain Here s What’s Driving the Rise In Cloud Workload Cyber Threats Boolean Math (NOT Logic) CISSP Domain 3 10 network tools every IT admin needs Keyfactor Virtual Summit: Day 1 Recap Cybersecurity Awareness Month Weekly Tip: Social Media Safety Managing ADC Licenses in the Age of the Cloud Hacker Discovered Selling Information on 186 Million American Voters Lessons Learned: An IT Pro s Experience Building his Last Line of Defense Problem Solving Lessons From Teaching Cybersecurity: Week 4 Smashing Security podcast #201: Robin Hood, Flippy, and the web ad bubble Cyber Risk Management: Protecting Data, Infrastructure and People Ransomware group donates $20,000 in BTC to two charities BrandPost: Strange Behavior: The Case for Machine Learning in Cybersecurity Threatening Election Emails Land in Florida Inboxes The Recorded Future Express browser extension – elite security intelligence for zero cost Active Directory: Explained What is a TPM? A Passpoint Solution for MAC Randomization The 4 pillars of Windows network security Why is Cyber Security Awareness a Priority in Organizations? The Death and Rebirth of Musashi.js OR How I turned personal failure into better teaching tools. Debug Your Python Functions Locally Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week 3: Day in the Life, AppSec Educator BrandPost: Long-Term WFH: How to Make it Secure and Sustainable Ransomware gang donates part of ransom demands to charity organizations Man hacked to death with machete during NYC Grindr date mourned - New York Daily News A Closer Look at the Attempted Ransomware Attack on Tesla GUEST ESSAY: CyberXchange presents a much-needed platform for cybersecurity purchases Adapt to Change: Network Policy Change Management | The 5 Critical Success Factors to Agile NSPM Lack of Security in IoT Devices Explained. What Can We Do About It? A CISOs Guide to Digital Transformation Cybersecurity Professionals Feel Threatened by the Adoption of AI and Automation Tools, Survey Finds What does a hacker look like? IoT Devices: Privacy and Security in Abusive Relationships How To Unlock The Hacker Class in Call of Duty Mobile - Screen Rant Security Awareness Training Compliance and .GOV BrandPost: Episode 13: Serving up a risk management culture at McDonald's Professor creates cybersecurity camp to inspire girls to choose STEM careers 16 Reasons to use Third Party Cloud Security and not Salesforce Shield The Problem with Traditional Threat Detection and Response Common pitfalls in attributing cyberattacks Computer-Based Training: October 2020 Release in Review Overcoming the Challenge of Shorter Certificate Lifespans Zoom Is Finally Testing Full End-to-End Encryption Law Firm Seyfarth Shaw Hit by Apparent Ransomware Attack 5 Cyber Security Awareness Month Tips for Cybersecurity Professionals How to build an application in minutes with AWS Amplify Who is a greater security threat: Rogue Hackers or nation states? It s Time to Address the Growing Cybersecurity Skills Gap Domain controller patch alert! Vulnerability grants domain admin access in 10 seconds The Pocket Guide for Implementing the CIS Security Controls What is cryptography? How algorithms keep information secret and safe Elite security intelligence for zero cost. Meet the Recorded Future Express browser extension BrandPost: Episode 12: Building board relationships Episode 12: Building board relationships No Security Budget? 5 Technologies to Sunset! Fake Social Media Verification Scams Are the Gateway to Something Much More Sinister Two-Month Email Compromise and Impersonation Attack Results in a $15M Take What Is a Firewall? Definition, Types & Business Uses Top 5 Cybersecurity Frameworks to Secure Your Organization GTACC 2020 Virtual Conference Just What Cyber Security Executives Don t Want to Hear: The Skills Shortage is Worsening Enzoic Wins Fraud Prevention Innovation of the Year Award in 2020 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards Program Tala wins Transaction Security Solution of the Year in 2020 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards