National Cyber Warfare Foundation (NCWF) Privacy cybersecurity industry news, cyber warfare, collaboration, chat, forums, threat intellignce, known hacking entities, CVEs, ncwf en-us Google addresses customer data protection, security in Workspace Judge approves $650m settlement for Facebook users in privacy, biometrics lawsuit ByteDance agreed to pay $92M in US privacy Settlement for TikTok data collection Clubhouse s Security and Privacy Lag Behind Its Huge Growth CEO of exam monitoring software Proctorio apologises for posting student s chat logs on Reddit Give up Google, don t hit accept all : how to fight for your privacy Clubhouse App and Your Privacy Stalkerware Volumes Remain Concerningly High, Despite Bans How stalkerware can threaten your safety and privacy, and how to avoid it New Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act is introduced Student Cyber Safety Monitoring & Data Privacy Clubhouse chats streamed to third party website Sites Have a Sneaky New Way to Track You Across the Web BSidesSF 2020 – Rafae Bhatti’s When GDPR And CCPA Strike’ Making the case for COVID-19 vaccine passports: A shift to data democracy - ZDNet A Ban on Ad Targeting: Why Did EU Regulators Call for It? Tracker pixels in emails are now an endemic privacy concern - ZDNet 4 Predictions for the Future of Privacy Tracker pixels in emails are now an endemic privacy concern Complaint Blasts TikTok’s ‘Misleading’ Privacy Policies The fine line between global COVID-19 protocols and privacy Court docs show FBI can unlock iPhones, access Signal messages Which states are getting into the data privacy game? Personal Data Breaches for GDPR Compliance: Everything You Need to Know Inside cybersecurity s shelfware problem How Neurodiversity Can Strengthen Cybersecurity Defense How strong, flexible data protection controls can help maintain regulatory compliance A Third Of Americans Trust Facebook With Personal Data More Than Government, Study Shows Threat actor selling 158,000 Canadian, US credit card data Generation Z least likely to share their location data with government Post-Pandemic world, Shut-downs, and Web Security Connections There Are Spying Eyes Everywhere and Now They Share a Brain Clearview Facial-Recognition Technology Ruled Illegal in Canada The Bus That's Not A Bus: The Joys Of Hacking PCI Express - Hackaday Dump Spotify: They are now listening to you. Data privacy laws: A mini glossary Data Privacy Day: 10 experts give advice for protecting your business What to prioritize this Data Privacy Day Building Your Personal Privacy Risk Tolerance Profile #RSAC365: Organizations Must Prepare for New #COVID19 Data Privacy Challenges ManagedMethods Becomes a 2021 Data Privacy Day Champion WhatsApp vs. Signal: A lesson for all app vendors Data Privacy Day in 2021 Grindr faces fine of nearly $12 million in Norway for alleged privacy violations Privacy Teams Helped Navigate the Pivot to Work-from-Home Firefox 85 removes Flash and adds protection against supercookies Privacy budgets soared in 2020, doubling to an average of $2.4 million Cisco study reveals critical role of privacy emerging from global pandemic Ex-CIA engineer tells judge he's incarcerated like an animal - The Associated Press Rogue CCTV technician spied on hundreds of customers during intimate moments Missing Link in a 'Zero Trust' Security Model The Device You're Connecting With! SolarWinds Taps Ex-Rep. Dent as Part of Team to Handle Hacking - Bloomberg Law 4 State Student Data Privacy Laws Leading The Way For K-12 Schools WhatsApp delays privacy policy update after confusion, backlash Florida's former COVID-19 data curator to surrender on hacking accusations - WDSU New Orleans EEMA Appoints Digital Identity Expert to Board of Management WhatsApp Data Privacy | Avast MoD Experiences 18% Growth in Personal Data Loss Incidents Florida's former COVID-19 data curator to surrender on hacking accusations - KCCI Des Moines Florida's former COVID-19 data curator to surrender on hacking accusations - KSBW The Central Coast Florida's former COVID-19 data curator to surrender on hacking accusations - 4029tv Florida's former COVID-19 data curator to surrender on hacking accusations - WISN Milwaukee Florida's former COVID-19 data curator to surrender on hacking accusations - KMBC Kansas City Mum-of-16's genius hack for feeding all her kids with no washing up - Lancs Live Mum-of-16's genius hack for feeding all her kids with no washing up - Accrington Observer WhatsApp Delays Controversial 'Data-Sharing' Privacy Policy Update By 3 Months Code42 and LogRhythm Partner to Protect Against Insider Threats CES 2021: Car spying your insurance company is watching you Shifting Privacy Landscape, Disruptive Technologies Will Test Businesses Parler users' posts archived along with some location data - CNET TikTok tightens up privacy controls for young users - ZDNet Role of Privacy Regulation | Avast Post-Backlash, WhatsApp Spells Out Privacy Policy Updates Convicted Hacker Charged With Fraud And Identity Theft Committed While Incarcerated In Federal Prison - Department of Justice Donald Trump’s presidency ended today, claims altered US State Department website WhatsApp Has Shared Your Data With Facebook for Years How to review App Privacy data on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac Facebook’s Mandatory Data-Sharing Rules for WhatsApp Spark Ire WhatsApp wants you to accept its new terms or call it quits WhatsApp Will Delete Your Account If You Don't Agree Sharing Data With Facebook What You Need to Know About California's New Privacy Rules Around the World in 2021 Hacker Predictions - Infosecurity Magazine Data security vs data privacy they re not the same thing Data privacy expectations in 2021: Trends to watch Homomorphic Encryption: The 'Golden Age' of Cryptography 12 new state privacy and security laws explained: Is your business ready? Hey Alexa, Who Am I Messaging? Migrating to standalone networks won’t secure 5G CPRA explained: New California privacy law ramps up restrictions on data use Facebook bug exposed email addresses of Instagram users Firefox to ship 'network partitioning' as a new anti-tracking defense Will the US Move to a Federal Privacy Law in 2021? Ad-blocker AdGuard deploys world's first DNS-over-QUIC resolver IBM launches experimental homomorphic data encryption environment for the enterprise Malicious Chrome and Edge Extensions Affect Millions of Users How Apple's new App Store privacy requirements may affect users and app developers Apple officially rolls out privacy labels This TikTok Hack Shows How To Cut Banana Bread Down The Middle To Ensure Freshness - Delish This TikTok Hack Shows How To Cut Banana Bread Down The Middle To Ensure Freshness - Pornhub Removes All Unverified Content 5 minutes with Paul Kohler Security concerns with contact tracing apps Ditch Your Data-Hungry Apps for These Privacy-Focused Swaps U.S. Schools Are Buying Phone-Hacking Tech That the FBI Uses to Investigate Terrorists - Gizmodo Employees 85% more likely to leak files today vs pre-COVID Go read this story about schools buying FBI-grade phone-hacking tech - The Verge U.S. Schools Are Buying Phone-Hacking Tech That the FBI Used to Investigate Terrorists - Gizmodo Facebook links APT32, Vietnam's primary hacking group, to local IT firm Facebook doxes APT32, links Vietnam's primary hacking group to local IT firm Encrypted email provider Tutanota forced to backdoor its service How 2020 Has Changed the Data Privacy Landscape Norweigian researcher exposes how a US firm collected his location data Kazakhstan government is intercepting HTTPS traffic in its capital #WebSummit: Companies of the Future Should Focus on Data Privacy Rather than Data Collection Customize User Portal Experience with JumpCloud 5 minutes with David Bodnick - Is the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) effective? Microsoft Revamps ‘Invasive’ M365 Feature After Privacy Backlash Hackers Expose Personal Details from Israeli s Shirbit Insurance Firm Absa bank embroiled in data leak, rogue employee accused of theft 2020: A Unique Year for Data Privacy Issues Analyzing the draft standard contractual clauses US Supreme Court Weighs Proper Access Under Anti-Hacking Law - Bloomberg Law Why Your Board Doesn t Need A Security Expert Vabi gains total visibility into its network using OpManager and Firewall Analyzer US Supreme Court to Weigh Anti-Hacking Law's Limits on Access - Bloomberg Law 2FA bypass in cPanel potentially exposes tens of millions of websites to hack What's in Store for Privacy in 2021 Baidu Apps in Google Play Leak Sensitive Data GoDaddy staff fall prey to social engineering scam in cryptocurrency exchange attack wave Analyzing the EDPB s draft recommendations on supplementary measures LAPD Bans Facial Recognition, Citing Privacy Concerns How to Optimize Your App Settings for Privacy Privacy In The Age Of Pandemic | Avast Capcom confirms Ragnar Locker ransomware attack, data exposure The team behind the Essential PH-1 is back, and privacy is their focus Avast Chief Privacy Officer Q&A | Avast Take Over Local User Accounts on Mac & Windows with JumpCloud Healthcare Data Breaches to Triple in 2021 Mainak Mazumdar, Nielsen s Chief Data Officer, joins Satori’s Board of Advisors Here are the most common ways businesses get compromised by ransomware The five most common ways businesses get compromised by ransomware The iOS Covid App Ecosystem Has Become a Privacy Minefield Recommendations Accepted in Boost for EU Data Transfers Recommendations Accepted in Advancement for EU Data Protection Transfers Passage of California privacy act could spur similar new regulations in other states NIST SP 800-53 Compliance Checklist for IT Admins Privacy Refresh Overview | Avast Data Privacy Gets Solid Upgrade With Early Adopters 5 minutes with Heather Federman - The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) California voters back new data privacy law beefing up CCPA California voters approve California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) Silent & Handsfree OS App Installation on Laptops Police to Livestream Ring Camera Footage of Mississippi Residents Police launch pilot program to tap resident Ring camera live streams California's Prop. 24 Splits Privacy Advocates As California decides fate of privacy law, more CISOs could be hit by data regulations Proposition 24 Would Help Protect Californians From Online Hackers - PRNewswire Need Proof That Encryption Backdoors Lead to Hacking? It Happened to Our Own Government. - Reason Swedish Parliament Targeted in Gunnebo Hacking Scandal, DN Says - Bloomberg Law Tracking Down the Web Trackers Top 5 things to know about EU-US data privacy Fragomen law firm data breach exposed Google employee s data Facebook Promises Privacy Reform. Critics Aren't Convinced Time for a mobile privacy reset? How to protect your privacy when selling your phone Less than half of ethnic minority professionals in cyber feel they get equal opportunities Cisco reports highlight widespread desire for data privacy and fears over remote work security Dynamic Data Resolver - Version 1.0.1 beta NSA announces SkillTree, an approach to implementing application training US Charges Six Russian Intelligence Agents for Past Hacking - Bloomberg Law NASCIO honors three public servants with State Technology Innovator Award US Department of Justice reignites the Battle to Break Encryption What’s New in Customer Identity and Access Management Automate Reporting Across Directory Endpoints IoT privacy risks: How security labels can help inform consumers Creepy covert camera “feature” found in popular smartwatch for kids Five Eyes governments, India, and Japan make new call for encryption backdoors Amazon's Latest Gimmicks Are Pushing the Limits of Privacy Fitbit Spyware Steals Personal Data via Watch Face Ring Always Home Cam: A security disaster in the making Chrome changes how its cache system works to improve privacy How Google's Android Keyboard Keeps Smart Replies Private UK Department For Education fails to meet UK, GDPR data protection standards - with flying colors Top 5 things to know about Confidential Computing Four npm packages found uploading user details on a GitHub page Researchers Adapt AI With Aim to Identify Anonymous Authors Biometric Data Collection Demands Scrutiny of Privacy Law New York s investigation of Dunkin Donuts results in a promise to abide by the SHIELD Act s requirements Facebook sues two Chrome extension makers for scraping user data Distinguished Speaker to Discuss Hardware Data Hacking and HIPAA: The Overlooked Cybercrime at the Virtual HIPAA Privacy and Security Summit November Shifting Left of Left: Why Secure Code Isn't Always Quality Code When your every keystroke, mouse click, and website visit is monitored by your boss… The scale of our modern economy: Balancing safety and privacy Should your company know who you’re dating *outside* work? Twitter warns developers of possible API keys leak Ring’s Flying In-Home Camera Drone Escalates Privacy Worries Next-generation police dogs now sniff out your electronics Simon Fraser University suffered ransomware attack last spring Media Content Captured on Mobile Is Driving Compliance Problems What U.S. companies should know about LGPD Brazil s new General Data Protection Law Reexamining data privacy and protection amid COVID-19 Ransomware attack foiled, but details of 540,000 sports referees still stolen by hackers - Security Boulevard Russia wants to ban the use of secure protocols such as TLS 1.3, DoH, DoT, ESNI Ransomware attack foiled, but details of 540,000 sports referees still stolen by hackers Details of 540,000 sports referees taken in failed ransomware attack UK Home Office Data Loss Incidents Surge by 120% UPDATE – TikTok Ban: Security Experts Weigh in on the App’s Risks The TikTok Ban: Security Experts Weigh in on the App’s Risks Google bans stalkerware apps from the play store Companies Can Track Your Phone s Movements to Target Ads Android 11 5 New Security and Privacy Features You Need to Know Switzerland s DPA concludes that Swiss-US Privacy Shield does not provide adequate level of protection Zerologon – hacking Windows servers with a bunch of zeros Half of US citizens would share medical data beyond COVID-19 despite surveillance state worries Potential voter privacy issues in Biden campaign app Simplify Your Privacy Approach to Overcome CCPA Challenges The Best Privacy-Friendly Alternatives to Google Maps IRS offers grants for software to trace privacy-focused cryptocurrency trades Eyes Wide Shut: Cybersecurity Smoke & Mirrors and The Dawn of Cyber Transparency Privacy concerns prompt Irish regulators to ask Facebook to stop sending EU user data to the US Google Cloud Expands Confidential Computing Lineup Julian Assange Lays Out His Case Against US Extradition Creepy Geofence Finds Anyone Who Went Near a Crime Scene India Blocks High-Profile Chinese Apps on Political, Privacy Concerns How to choose the right security training provider for your team Mozilla research: Browsing histories are unique enough to reliably identify users Senate Bill Limits Corporate Use of Facial Recognition Vulnerability Spotlight: Multiple SQL, code injection vulnerabilities in OpenSIS Data Privacy Concerns, Lack of Trust Foil Automated Contact Tracing A quarter of the Alexa Top 10K websites are using browser fingerprinting scripts Want to create loyal customers? Get on the bleeding edge of data security FBI Investigates COVID-19 Patient Data Breach Hacker Stole Traders' Personal Data From Crypto Tax Reporting Service - CoinDesk - CoinDesk Hacker Stole 1,000 Traders' Personal Data From Crypto Tax Reporting Service - CoinDesk - CoinDesk News Wrap: AWS Cryptojacking Worm, IBM Privacy Lawsuit and More Surge in Demand for Cybersecurity Services a Boost for UK Startups Health agencies are gathering data to combat COVID-19: Here s why that might be a problem and what to do about it IBM Settles Lawsuit Over Weather Channel App Data Privacy Senate Bill Would Expand Facial-Recognition Restrictions Nationwide Google to start warning users about insecure forms Warning to holidaymakers as travel company's computer is hacked - Wales Online Companies Team Up to Offer Cloud Auditing Certificate 9 Apps to Boost Your Phone's Security and Privacy Instagram Retained Deleted User Data Despite GDPR Rules With iOS's Privacy Nutrition Label, Apple Upstages Regulators How Facebook and Other Sites Manipulate Your Privacy Choices EU-US Privacy Shield Dissolution: What Happens Next? The OPM hack explained: Bad security practices meet China's Captain America - CSO Online Capital One Fined $80m for 2019 Breach The good, the bad and the ugly: Standard contractual clauses after Schrems II Information Operations Spotlighted at Black Hat as Election Worries Rise